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Ideal For Small, Medium & Large/Ballrooms

Best Ballroom Show & Best Sound System.

Its Your Wedding Day So Lets Do Things Right!

Direct Bookings Only From This Website Listed As "" Contracts,

This is not available from any other company/websites. roman baths.jpg
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Better Than Standard

Its's All About Sound Quality In All Your Room

We Have Worked In The Wedding Industry For Over 10 Years.

After This Many Years Drew 2 Conclusions:

1. Almost All Disco Companies Use Small To Medium Sound Systems Only Designed For Small-Medium Sized Rooms/Dance Floors,

And Always Say "We Do Large Rooms All The Time!", They Might Do, 

But This Does Not Mean It's Any Good? Why We List Our Sound Specification So Couples Can Check Themselves?

2. So You Can Only Have A Small To Medium Room Size Disco,

Or Something That Looks Like A Festival Main Stage In Your Beautiful Venue? So Not Look Fitting.... And Costs A Small Fortune To Book.

What We Did Is Look At The Specification Of The "Festival Stage" Equipment, & Our Experience In Main Room Nightclubs (Dj & Maintenance) To Have The Best Of Both Worlds, As Something That Looks Like A Standard Disco So Complements Its Surroundings, But Use Event Touring Grade Equipment.

The Disco Industry Uses Misleading Facts & Figures To Make Things Sound Better Than They Really  Are?

Speaker Loudness & Quality Is Not  Measured In"Watt's", As Most Dj's/Discos Buy The highest Wattage Speakers They Can Afford & Boast About It?  Fact: Wattage Is The Engine Size, So You Might Have A Massive Engine In Your Car But A Car With An Engine Half Its Size Can Have Far More BHP & Torque/Better Performance.

 SO What Sound Is Measured In dB (decibels, Some Venues Have Limiters To Restrict The Disco eg. 95dB From Were The Venue Takes Its Reading). You Still Need A Basic Engine "Watts" But Its All The Other Bits That Have Been Professionally Modified eg. Put A Massive Turbo On & Re-tune. 

Yes, Sound Is Measured In dB, But Maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level), As It Pushes  The Air.

Again This Is Commonly Misleading  As It Should Always Be Calculated With The Speaker Cone Facing Up & The Reading 1m Above For Maximum SPL On Axis, But Most Companies Use "Half & Quarter Space", So The Speaker Is Placed Near A Wall & The Sound Gets Bounced Back From The Wall So It Can Add 3-7 dB On What The Speaker Is Really Capable Of? 


If You Have One Speaker & Add One More The Same You Only Add 3dB, & If You Add More Speaker You Get Less Than 1 dB added = A Speaker Wall Looks Very Impressive, But You Could Literally Blow It Away With One Speaker With A Higher SPL/On Axis.

Adding More Speakers Is Very False Economy: 


OK We Have Established Our Ballroom Disco Can Go Loud If Needed?

Disco Speakers Today Are Designed Like Home Cinema Kits, So Giving The Illusion  Of A Big Sound System, But Can Only Push All The Sound Back For A Very Short Distance, Then All You Hear Is An Annoying Bass Rumble, & Screechy Hiss (No Vocals etc.). The Speaker EQ Takes Out Harmful Frequencies It Cannot Handle, & Boots Others eg. When A Drum Gets Struck You Hear A "Crack" /Tick, Then The Long Boom/Rumble, Disco Speakers Cant Handle The "Crack/Tick" So Remove It & Add More Boom Venue Noise Limiters Don't Like? & The Tick Is In The Vocalists Range So You Loose Some Key Vocal Frequencies, & When The Speaker Volume Is Increased This EQ Effect Gets Worse...

To Have A Speaker That Takes All The Frequencies Becomes Very Expensive,

Our 4 Speakers Including 4 Protective Covers Cost Around £6K, When Comparing It To Standard Disco Speakers £1-2K, You Pay For Quality...


More Info

Our Ballroom/Best disco uses true stage-touring event grade equipment so the sound is natural/live (not processed), 

the lighting highlights all your room & adapts constantly with your party mood/tempo & far more advanced eg. your first dance photographer will love it as the perfect picture. Sound: 2x SRX 815P top speakers, 2x DXS 18 Bass Speakers. Lighting: 4x ADJ focus spotZThree  we always carry a spare, the lights are prefect for ballrooms as not over powerful, but do the job perfectly as we don't want to blind your guests, & 2x Equinox Helix for dance floor renforcement  lighting.

If you like "live sound" as it was recorded, or are "party animals"  we always advise our best/ballroom sound-system. 

You can clearly hear the quality difference between an MP3 320, & WAV Apple-Lossless played through our best ballroom sound-system, that is how clear the system is (you can't hear the difference on our standard disco/most disco's, as the sound is processed sound/they take some frequencies out the speakers cannot handle & boots other frequencies).

Venue Noise restrictions/noise limiters:

Even though our best/ballroom disco can go twice as loud as the standard disco if ever needed, our best sound-system is far better coping with venue noise restrictions/limiter than standard/normal disco speakers, as disco speakers are designed go give a "big sound" on the dance floor as the speakers process the sound to give it more of a bass-boom & more top/tweeter (sounds like a home cinema kit), venue noise limiters do not like processed sound as its more boom... as the speaker takes away the harmful midrange it cannot handle = You end up with only hearing the boom-bass & screechy/hiss top at the back of the room (hard to talk etc.), & with venue noise limiters the speaker volume has to be turned down lower. Our best sound-system ("" contracts only) is touring event standard as it handles all the frequencies so does not need to play around with how it sounds, as pushes high clarity sound back much further than disco speakers as it seems much louder than the standard/normal disco speakers, but in fact its the same dB/noise level so works with noise limiters far better, 

we always carry a dB meter to check.


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