Dj Darren Jewell & Ally.

More Info & Equipment Used Page.

You Have A Choice Of Disco:

Option 1: Budget Show & Limited Service: Pictured Below.


Industry Standard Disco (Pictured Below Black Or White Booth).

This is a small to medium size room disco as our budget Disco

Industry Standard Disco (Pictured Very Bottom Of This Page/Scrapbook Black Or White Booth).

This is a small to medium size room disco:

Ideal for 30-40 people dancing on a 4x4m dance floor/area (120 guest wedding maximum).

This is a cheaper option using cheaper equipment, & is not truly bespoke as you pay for limited customer service/prep time.

Sound used: 

2x RCF 715 full frequency to speakers, 2x RCF 705-AS II bass speakers.

Lighting used:

2x Roll scanners, 1x mirrorball effect light Note: this cannot achieve specialist lighting effects eg. First Dance photographer setting.

This industry standard disco is Not sutable for Marquees, or large rooms/ballrooms etc.

Why you might ask? disco speakers are designed to give an illusion of a "big bass sound" like a home cinema kit,

but when you stand further back you only hear a muddy bass drone & tinny top, as they can't push all the sound further back in larger open areas. 


Option 2: ONLY ON YOUR CONTRACT Pictured Below,

& One-Off Deal With PoptopUK.

The Government Guidelines Advise Bigger Dance Areas So People/Bubbles Can Socially Distance Due To Covid. disco does this, so you have a full choice of all our finest equipment & disco look.

Our best sound & lighting show (small touring events system/Roman Baths Picture). on your contract.

This equipment out performs the industry standard disco in every aspect in quality of sound/gets pushed back further, & lighting.

Perfect for Large Dance Areas As The Government Advises/Covid: ballrooms, marquees & medium size rooms.

Our Best Show Fills The Assembly Room's Large Ballroom easily with crystal clear sound, & specialist lighting effects.

It's All About The Quality & Feel Of Sound At Any Level, Not How Loud It Can Go.

e.g.   (HARMAN TOURING Professional full range top 137 dB Max SPL at 1m on axis),

Or   (Sub bass 136 dB Max SPL at 1m on axis).

Please Note: This is not "half space" maximum dB almost all manufactures use as that adds 3-6dB (bouncing sound back off a wall), 

all the speakers are genuine (not a branded cabinet, but with non genuine cheaper parts so its a much lesser specification). 

If you have one speaker & add another the same you only gain 3dB, 

and the more speakers you add to that you only gain about 1dB to the total output per added speaker.

So you have a massive speaker wall, or buy a few extremely expensive touring event speakers that look unfitting in historic venues.

Our Basic Disco uses RCF 705-AS II subs (similar to the small sub in the link):

It's not about how many speakers you have its the maximum on axis decibels produced per speaker.

Our best rig lighting is the same standard.

We Won't Blind You, Or Make Your First Dance/Couple Pictures Look Like A Rave Covering you with Garish Dots? 

Your First Dance Lighting we program every booking to highlight the beauty of your venue, 

our lighting I have made over 1000 programs to reflect your party mood, 

from background socialising  music before the disco starts so the lighting mainly shines up, & not blinding everyone,

to "peak party" show effects... what you expect at concerts etc.

4x Medium+ moving head stage lights (with one spare as back-up), we also have other lighting eg. Mirror Ball Fx, U.V. Canon etc.

The Vintage Photo Grandmother Clock/Photo-Booth/Pod

The Vintage Photo Grandmother Clock/Photo-Booth/Pod

6x4 Inch Photo Booth Prints.

Booked With Our Disco Open: 6pm-Midnight, That's UP TO 6 Hours Of Fun! 

You can use the clock while we set up our disco.

Option 1. Small Wedding Deal 20-120 Guests Best Value For Money.

Up To 85 Guests with photo 6x4 Inch prints.

no operator, photo guest book, & WeTransfer camera roll (No USB stick).

We show e.g. your best man how easy the clock is to use as just follow the step by step instructions on the screen, or sign on top.

You could upgrade to 400 prints maximum for an extra £35.00?

Option 2. Booked Without Our Disco, Or With Bespoke Orator Props.

with photo 6x4 prints & operator/Over85 guests, with guestbook/photo album & USB stick with all your photos.

The operator only helps with crowd control for higher number of people want to use the clock at once, 

For Very High Numbers Of Guests  we recommend our friends with pro-booths companies as high numbers is there main market:


We do not charge a booking/recommendation fee as we just want the best for our clients needs,

but our clock can do exactly the same if needed/booked for high numbers.

Why We Have The Photo-Booth/Pod Cock:

About 5 years ago we started thinking about getting a photo booth ourselves, but give customers better value for money so they don't downgrade the disco that pleases the most people e.g. they have lots of different entertainments, but non really get used on the package deal as quantity not quality now? (splits all your guests up into small groups/rooms).

We wanted a photo booth to blend into its surroundings why we did not buy a clone.

Five years looking at photo booths/pod/mirror we have even been a photo booth operator to help our friends businesses, so we know how they work, what's inside them, the good & bad bits, as some are better than others on lighting & print quality etc.

A few years ago Ally's dad passed away & in his loft we found his mothers grandmother clock, it had a very pretty clock face & did not have the heart to throw it away so then thought could this be turned into a photo pod?

The clock is small so you could not put a laptop inside & I mainly use MacBooks for work, so found a Canadian software developer that is a professional photographer, so rather than buying a touch screen & external laptop he recommended use an iPad to do both, so then we bought a Fuji mirrorless camera, but no matter were we would mount it on the clock it just stood out too much? the software developer said "try your iPhone" as 12 megapixels camera is far more than you need for the standard 6"x4" photo as it only needs just over 2 megapixels for that size,

the most important things its better in low light/processing light just ask your professional wedding photographer,

also Ally worked as a camera specialist for 10 years.

The raw pictures look good on your TV. & better facial recognition than normal DLSR booth cameras = Why do you think the very  latest generation of photo Booths 360 use iPhones Pro Max?

So then Ally knew a very nice old gentleman who converted the cock.

For a year the clock was just emailing pictures to guests, & the client/couple would get the full camera roll emailed the next day, but this had limitations as you relied on venue wifi or EE network, so thinking allot of wedding venues don't have reliable wifi or phone signal the clock had to be able to print standard 6"x4" photo prints, but the same quality as photo booths so we bought the industry standard Mitsubishi CPD70DW photo printer & paper-ink ribbon media (about £1K), also we had to import from U.S.A. a hardware/software box that would link up everything (£500 inc tax), also we upgraded the iPhone to a ProMax same one as the latest 360 booths used. As the ProMax is designed for selfies & low light, then all we needed is a photographers umbrella in very dark venues (it won't blind you, & you don't get a fuzzy white balance problem caused by flash/light rings). 

Small Weddings Up To 120 Guests: Option 1 Above.

You Don't Need Polaroid Cameras, As The Clock Has Professional Photo Booth Quality Prints, 

and is well priced as you get up to 200 6"x4" prints maximum, & guest book, full  camera roll WeTransfer link. 

It's cheaper than buying polaroid cameras & paper - You do the maths if 70 guests all have one picture in your guestbook, & one for themselves?

If you would like a full roll of photo-booth printer media of 400 prints (they cost around £65 inc VAT/P&P), we charge an additional £35.

Normal photo booth companies use 60-120 prints per booking, but the clock is open longer so usually uses 125-185 prints.

option: 2 comes with a full roll of media 400 prints.

6x4 Inch Photo Booth Prints.

Booked With Our Disco Open: 6pm-Midnight, That's UP TO 6 Hours Of Fun! 

We Set It Up So Your Guests Can Use It When We Set Up Our Disco, & Closes At Midnight.

The clock Always comes with some New "props on sticks" for enhanced hygiene reasons!

The props are only used by your wedding party, not the nights before as well...

Children must be accompanied by adults all the time when using/being around  the vintage photo clock,

The clock won't harm children, but children unaccompanied by adults can harm the clock.

this is because young children always try to find out how things work? eg. stop your photo dropping out of the hole blocking it so jam the very expensive printer & media, or try to pull the door handles off etc.

The picture below was done using invisible green screen, as no need for a backdrop!

If you would like to use invisible green-screen please let us know when you book.

Also a 3 Photo Template were you can have what ever text you would like in the box & text font 

e.g. Your names & Date, or a picture were you first met?

Note: The person in the picture is a good friend so kindly gave us consent for use to use it.

If you use invisible green-screen you have to stay perfectly still when your selfie is being taken as it relies on facial recognition, 

and only the people you want in the photo are visible in the screen.

Three Photo Collage With Your Own Personal Message/Branding 6x4 Template
We use a very subtle template as to highlight your pictures/no overlay behind as White background.
(no Black outer boarder). We can apply overlays but then it looks less classy.
Photo 02-09-2019, 09 28 23 (1).jpg
Heading 5

Additional Extra Services To Hire With Our Disco:

Extra Special Request: Flat Top Dj Booth With Record players, Or Pioneer CDJ.

Record Turntables That Can Play All Your Favourite Songs.

White or Black Vinyl Records, so everyone only sees the Dj mixer, record players, or Pioneer CDJ's.

We have always been able to do this look mainly for Events & Corporate bookings, 

but finding increasing numbers of wedding clients want this Festival/Super-Club DJ look.

Turntable 2.jpg

8. Lasting Recorded Memory.

Recording Your Speeches, Or Disco Music For You.

We can record your speeches, or Dj performance (Note: Dj performance/music recoding requires extra P.R.S. charges to you).

Price: Booked With Our Disco P.O.A. depending on times, & licences.


9. Bands/Solo Artist.

We do a number of weddings when couples want a friend or family member to play/sing during the evening,

so rather than having 2 sound systems & the added cost's for the singer to hire expensive equipment,

we charge a small fee to hire our equipment & plug into our sound system (I will be the sound engineer).

We do prefer if the artist uses their mic's & mixer if a group/band, but we can help with solo artists. 

1x 8 Mic channel mixer  with 2 stereo inputs & 1x Reverb FX box, 1x Behringer ULTRALINK ULM302MIC Dual Handheld Wireless System (we can use with the battery speaker),

Shure BLX24UK/PG58-K3E Handheld Wireless Microphone System, (all pictured below) & the Shure 58 Beta Digital with spare battery  (pictured above/most pop stars use). 

2x mic stands.

Note: NO instrument mic's

Price: Booked With Our Disco P.O.A. depending on time & total amount of equipment hired.


Venues With Noise Restrictions We Work With Well.

We always use a Sound "limiter" so our best sound system can't go over 70%,

as then the limiter starts to restrict it (30% Working Headroom).

We have a Graphic Equaliser so the bass can be restricted, or cut as not to shake listed buildings, 

or complaints/police from neighbouring properties.

It's All About The Quality & Feel Of Sound At Any Level, Not How Loud It Can Go.



Top Left is our compressor limiter (so we can't go too loud, as starts to limit/restrict at 70% system volume).

Top Right is our graphic equaliser with bass-cut (for venues with restricted bass).

Bottom Left is a guide to music level & venue sound limiter restrictions.

Bottom Right/Top is a commonly used (best) venue sound limiter box.

Bottom Right/Bottom is "one size disco fits all" as very high SPL dB, if ever needed? 

We Say Below As Allot Of Couples Want The Music Turned Up At "Peak Party"!

If you are "party animals" or like clubbing & festivals/concerts, 

so want that vibe later in your night check if your venue allows this?

Note: Most Venues Do Have Noise Restrictions & say we have band/discos, but will peak-party be loud enough for your liking?

Please always ask if you venue has any noise restrictions or a sound limiter as very few state this, 

& what is the dB setting eg. small room disco/dance area 90A or 105C? Then we can change our sound-system settings for your venue.

dB A is the frequencies that do most hearing damage, & dB C is all frequencies mainly bass for entertainment, so it's best to use C.

Most venues have a box with Green lights, that go to amber (peak level), then Red means it will cut the power..

Our Best Sound System Always Is Set With Flat EQ, So Its Natural Sound (not processed), unless the room has bad acoustics etc.

For the size of dance areas & number of people dancing our best system normally runs Peak-Party at 85-105dB (small-medium room).

or IF your "Party Animals" Or Big Room/Dance Area 105-116dB on the dance floor dB readings, if you would like & venue allows?

Our system will go louder but realistically there is no point as it becomes very uncomfortable, why we restrict it.

Note: We always carry a dB meter & will check how loud the music is.

Warm-Up Music & Socialising Music Is Very Low Volume dB, And You Always Have Full Control.

Note: Your Guests Might Cheer, or make more noise louder than your venue noise limiter allows, 

so it then cuts the power to your entertainment & takes time to re-set or not turn the power on/in lockdown mode, or fire alarm.

Marquees, Ballrooms & Large Rooms.

For Marquees, Ballrooms, & large rooms the sound system installed should be classed as a outdoor's in sound specification, 

as the sound has no close solid walls to bounce the sound back to the dance floor, so you need more dB & not processed sound as most disco speakers today try to sound like your home cinema kit, as it only sounds great if your very close to the speaker, 

but if you stand further back you only hear a bass-rumble(muddy), & screechy top, as the speaker takes away frequencies it cannot handle eg. the "kick" of a kick drum, so you only hear the rumble noise from the speaker not the noise of the drum being hit, 

that is in the vocalist range, so you don't hear the true kick drum, or vocals as its taken out not to damage the speaker.

Helpful video:


Effects Smoke: We Do Not Use Any To Comply With Venues T&C.

We Buy Music We Have Not Already Got From iTunes, & Get Sent Music From Record Labels/Promo Companies To Play/Club,
It is illegal to stream music in any licensed premises/or temporary venue eg. Spotify/Apple Music/Youtube/Amazon/Tidal are all Illegal & the person holding the licence/venue & Dj can be fined & your entertainment stopped (most only hold a domestic/personal use licence at best),
also Illegally ripping music, file sharing (send a copy to friends/other Dj's to use) is again common in the Mobile Disco industry, sadly all illegal.
We are always in credit on iTunes so if we ever rarely need a track request that will make your night we will buy it (venue wifi/phone signal needed).


As we have an amazing natural sound system our music track/song quality must be high as you will hear it 

(not a muddy drone & hissing top most disco speakers sound like in larger areas, further back from the speakers), 

Our minimum track quality is MP3-320, but mostly apple lossless for most played songs, but we also have some old records 12" converted to MP3 or higher (Pro-dub licence), but as they get played more we buy remastered/lossless versions when available. Lossless music quality gives far better stereo sound picture, the bass drops right down low (not a muddy drone swamping vocals), & much livelier sound = like the artists are in front of you (just close your eyes), 

as we use a professional band touring grade sound-system, on our best show.