Garden After Ceremony Music, or ceremony, 

And Speech System Battery Powered Speaker.

That Sounds Great For Background Music, Soloists, & Speeches Etc.

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Some Couples Want To Get Married Outside, So This Stylish Speaker Is Perfect For Playing Your Ceremony Music on, Via Your Phone Bluetooth, Or 3.5 mm Jack  Input.

After Your Ceremony  Larger Weddings Mostly Have Soloists That Can Plug Into The Speaker, But If you have a smaller wedding & you would Just Like Some Background Music So Your Guests Can Socialise  The Speaker Is Perfect, Just Bluetooth Your Phone Whit Your Playlist On.

Some Couples Like Background Music In The Wedding Breakfast The Speaker Can Also Carry On Doing.

After The Wedding Breakfast Its Time For Speeches!

The Speaker Comes With A Corded Microphone, But Also Has Battery Powered Radio Mic Option, That Is Better Than The Corded Option.

After Speeches The Battery Speaker Can Go Outside Again With Your Guests, So The Party -Disco Room Can Be Prepared. 


We Price The Speaker With Your Agreement Of What Time You Need The Speaker As We Must Arrive One Hour Earlier To Set It Up & Show You How It Works? Especially For Speeches/Mic Coaching.

Its Always Best If  We Do The Disco As Well Because  I Will Be At Your Venue All Day & Night/Disco Hence P.O.A.

We Don't Charge A Massive Amount For This Service But A Fair Amount For The Hours Worked, So We Help Your Day & Night Run Smoothly.

If All-Day We Ask If You Could Please Supply Us With A Meal.

The Speaker Battery Life Ranges From 4 Hours At Maximum Volume, Up To 12+ Hours Background Music, We Always Have A Spare Fully Charged Battery, But Have Never Had To Use It.

Inside The Box We Also Carry A Power-Bank To Charge A Phone (If Your Playing Music From It), & Various Leads To Connect Things To The Speaker.

The Speaker Should Not Be Used In Damp/Wet Conditions.

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