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Class & Quality Withstands The Test Of Time: Premium Disco-Show, & Rustic Photo-Pod.


Subcontracted Bookings: All Bookings Not Booked Via This Webpage Please Only Contact Your Contract Issuer/Company You Have Booked/Paid, 

As They All Book & Pay Us For Our "Deals Page" Disco Hence No Upgrades Can Be Done, Even If It States Our Name/Contact Info.

Tel: 01934-613644. Mob: 07792123767. Email:


Included In All " Bespoke Premium Services" Contracts If Required?

We Realise Karaoke Is A "Love Or Hate" Thing... But This Is What We Do If You Choose To Use It.

Some Couples Want a Singalong Or Musical Families That Like To Sing, OK Its Your Wedding So Don't Really Want To See A Massive Screen Or Projector In Your Lovely Wedding Venue, So We Just Use 19" Screen We Clip Onto The Dj Booth When You Want To Do Karaoke & Take If Off After, Your Guests On The Dance Floor Can Read The Words As Thats All You Need.

We Supply 2 Cordless Mics & Have Quite A Good Collection Of Backing/Karaoke Songs With Words On The Screen.

If You Choose Not To Do Any Karaoke Thats Fine As Your Always In Control, Its Just Something We Include As We Try To Give You The Best Wedding Ever! & If This Helps Use It.

Admittedly Darren Doesn't Sing So Please Don't Ask Him To. 

Sorry: This Service Is Not Available If You Have Not Booked Us From This Our Premium Services Website.

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