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White 4ft Giant Light Up Love Letters

The Key Advantages Of Our White Giant Love Letters:

1. Ease Of Use: They Are Powered From The Battery placed inside A Fused Boat-Battery Safety Box.

2. Safety: The Letters Are On Plates So Much Harder To Topple If Knocked.

3. At Night The Lighting Is Specially Designed To Only Highlight The Letters, not changing the room brightness.

4. The Special Bulbs Have Nice Looking Finishing Caps Fitted For Decoration. 


Why Ours Are Different

We Have Dj'ed Weddings For Over 10 Years, & This Is What We Would See, So We Made Sure Ours Were Just Right So Not Getting The Issues Below.

Many Couples Would Hire In Love Letters and they would always get accidentally knocked & fall over, after seeing so many children crying we thought things were not right? Even If The Letters Had 2 Stabilisers They Would Get Knocked & The Letters Would Topple Easily ?

Hence Our Letters Are Attached To Wooden Plates So Much Harder To Topple If Knocked. People Would Always Try To Get Near Or Behind The Love Letters To Have A Picture Taken, But We were Finding Some Guests Would Fall Over The Power Extension Leads? Why Ours Is Powered by A Battery Box Hidden Behind The Letters.

The Other Thing That Concerned Us Was In Daylight Love Letters Looked Great, But At Nights They Are Far Too Bright So The Room They Are In Looks The Same As Having All The Room Lights On Full, So Its Hard To Get A Good Nighttime Or Party Ambiance?

Hence We Have Special Bulbs In Our Letters That Just Highlight The Letters At Night, So You Can Get A Good Ambiance. 

Recently We Have Fitted Some Decretive Bulb Caps So They Look Even More Loverly In The Day & Night.

We Pride Ourselves On Our Love Letters, So They Never Go Out Chipped etc.  As They Look Exactly Like The Pictures You See.

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