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This Webpage: Premium Bespoke Shows/Services.

Freelance/Subcontracted: Dj, Weddings & Family Celebrations With Classic Disco/Black & White Disco Pictures.

 Premium Services Contracts Listing Bespoke Wedding Disco Service & Corporate/Events.

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The Difference Between Our Classic Disco & Premium Shows:

The Two Pictures Above Are Taken In The Same Venue Both Can Have The Rustic, Black, Or White Booth.

The Main Difference Is The Black & White Picture Is Our Classic Disco So Being The Same Specification As Most Wedding Discos In Sound dB & Lighting It Only Is Aimed At Entertaining People On Your Dance Floor, As The Speakers Are Not Designed To Push High Quality Sound Far Back So Your Guests Further Away From Your Dance Floor Will Only Hear A Loud Bass, & Tinny Top (They Cant Push The Vocals Back Clearly) So Sounds Intrusive/Noise & Uncomfortable For People Further Away Form The Dance Floor So Not Nice To Stay. The Lighting Is Designed To Flood The Area.

The Colour Picture Is Our High-Definition Show, So In Specification Outperforms The Classic Disco In Every Aspect, The Sound Is Crystal Clear On The Dance Floor & All Of Your Room, This Venue Room Is In The Shape Of A Cross With The Disco At The top, The Sound Can Be Heard Clearly In All The Room So Your Guests Further Back From The Dance Floor Can Enjoy The Music & Socialise. The Lighting Has 2 Types As Just For The Dance Area We Use The Same Lights As The Classic Disco (What They Are Designed To Do), The 4 Other Lights Go Around Your Room Highlighting Its Beauty & Can Also Shine On The Dance Floor, All The Lighting We Have Programmed As Early Evening Or Buffet Time The More Powerful 4 Lights Shine Above Peoples Heads So Not Intrusive, & The Lighting Mood Constantly Changes With Your Party Mood From More Relaxed To "Peak-Party!"... Its Like An Event Show Not A Mobile Disco, So Enhancing The Beauty Of Your Venue. 

The Like Most Discos Specification Our Classic Disco Is Just Designed For Smaller Areas/Small Dance Floors, & Our Premium Shows Can Do Small Rooms Too Ballrooms In Events Specification. 

Our Hybrid Disco Pictured In Wellington Barn, Calne.

Planet Friendly:

We try our workable best to be more environmentally friendly as our van is Euro 6 (not enough range on electric & charging points), All Our Rustic services are all made from recycled pallets/Rustic Love Letters, Rustic Dj Booth, Rustic Post Box,
Our Photo-Pod Victoria was Ally's nana's grandmother clock that has been repurposed full of new technology (it cost more to convert than buying a new photo-pod), our White Love Letters were bought from a Love letter hire company that was closing to look after a sick relative, but we have fully restored them so they look stunning.

Fully GDPR compliant:

The information you give us is used by your instruction then destroyed after your booking, unless stated otherwise.

Music & Licensing:

We buy the music we need from iTunes (99p per track), or kindly get sent promo's from record labels/producers club-bookings.

Dj's cannot legally stream music in licensed venues this includes wedding venues, as the Dj & venue could be prosecuted so we cannot legally use eg. Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube, Sound-Cloud etc. Or rip/extract music from streaming platforms/websites/sharing.

This is why for weddings we ask for a 15-25 song playlist so we have the songs you want on your night, as some venues have no WiFi, or Phone signal etc. so we cannot buy music on your night.

All our music is legally bought so its a far better quality sound eg. Apple-Lossless 99p per song, Wav-Lossless,

our minimum standard is MP3 320 (mainly club promo's & standard disco bookings). We spend many thousands £ every year as you are paying for a professional legal company with high quality clear music sound. With our best/ballroom sound-system you can clearly hear the difference between the best lossless sound & an MP3 lower quality sound. Sadly allot Dj's do "rip"/steal music from file-sharing sites & streaming services that is extremely low quality & illegal, as your venue can be fined/loose licence, & the Dj/person playing the music,

because they are all classed as personal use licence, not business/commercial use eg. has a bar selling alcohol you legally cannot stream.

For Non U.K. or music that is not top 40 chart U.K. we might sometimes ask clients to supply the music, as not available in the U.K. to buy, or a different version of the song needed that was released in eg. India/China & not in the U.K.

Back-Up Plan:


Its Your Wedding!

This Level Of Back-Up Is Only Used For Premium Shows/This Webpage Direct Bookings.

We have planned for every eventuality that could go wrong as do not know any other company or Dj service that carries our level of back-up.

The picture below shows us using 2 laptops, Laptop 1: Runs our music software Native Instruments Traktor 3 Pro-Plus, & can also do lighting at the same time with back-up SSD. Laptop 2: Runs our lighting software & can also run Native Instruments Traktor & backup SSD. Both laptops also have Virtual Dj Loaded so if Traktor has an issue we have a double backup (software update), both Traktor & Virtual Dj we pay monthly subscriptions for as to have the latest versions. 

The Dj booth & laptops etc. get used on every disco/mobile event, as it just the grade of sound & lighting changes.

The music mixer on laptop 1 we use Native Instruments S4, & laptop 2 Pioneer 2 channel controller (we use this also for Karaoke). The lighting hardware boxes & transmitters we have 2, & have spare audio transmitters & receivers. 

The disco speaker stacks have a right stack & left stack with lighting, so if any of the stacks lighting & sound do fail we simply turn up the other stack (sound is complicated as adding right channel to a left channel you only gain 3-5dB, so not much louder). On our Premium Shows Hybrid & High definition its designed to easily fill eg. The Assembly Rooms Largest Ballroom, Bath. At half volume as we have to limit the output to 70% as it gets uncomfortable (30% working headroom left).

We always carry outdoor Kopex event power leads eg. 20m long (these mainly get used for safety in marquees).

Transport: Our van is euro 6 diesel & we check the oil/water etc. every week or before more than 2 hours travel, full service history, member of RAC & Green Flag for our van/listed Dj use like our insurance. 

If things get bad on your day & break down (this has never happened), we use exactly the same backup as all large Dj companies as a pool of good Dj's as there is always more than one is available for quick cover (we pay the emergency Dj costs that will charge much more money, why some take deliberate time off).

Like I said we know NO other company with this much backup, on your booking date or getting to your venue.

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