Dj Darren Jewell

P.A.T. & Public Liability Insurance (P.L.I.)

You/Your Guests, & Venue Safety.


NOTE: Our P.L.I. Covers Us For Dj, Sound & Lighting/Disco etc.

Also Our Selfie Pod (Photo Booth), & Light Up Love Letters etc.

Most P.L.I. Insurances Only Cover The Disco (Not Photo Booths & Light Up Love Letters etc.).

In Addition We Have Added Our Van Insurance & Breakdown Information. 

We have removed our address & van registration for security reasons on all documents on our website.

You will receive it on the contract.

We Buy Music We Have Not Already Got From iTunes, Or Get Sent Music From Record Labels/Promo Companies To Play,

It is illegal to stream music in any licensed premises/or temporary venue eg. Spotify/Apple Music/Youtube/Amazon/Tidal are all Illegal & the person holding the licence/venue & Dj can be fined & your entertainment stopped (only holds a domestic/personal use),

also Illegally ripping music, file sharing is common in the Mobile Disco industry.

We are always in credit on iTunes so if we need a track that will make your day we will buy it (wifi/phone signal needed).

Below is some information we send venues.

We only use a fully independent electrical engineer (no links to our business).


Power Cables:

Over many years I have seen other entertainment companies electric cables melt & catch fire, plug sockets blown up,

or cables sliced through by high-heels on drink spilt/damp floors (this could happen just after a P.A.T. test).

We make sure the leads we use get used correctly & capable of the load its drawing, so have had all our main power drawing cables specially made by an electrician (hence we do not use dangerous "lawnmower cables, & reel-extension leads").

Even though our best show uses allot of equipment it is quite energy efficient in the amp's it draws, 

as only needs 2 double sockets (under 13amp max draw).

From the venue power sockets we use Kopex as designed for outdoor/indoor use, as waterproof & high-heel proof etc.

We carry 2x 10 meter (Silver pictured, & Black), & one 20 meter Black.

Theses leads are heavy so should stay in place from the power socket around venue walls of the venue, to the disco.

Then we plug in S.Y. cables with 4-6 sockets on each (to power equipment), as it offers more protection than normal leads as often used in factories, or moving machinery etc. If the plug sockets are right behind the disco & no one can access them we just use S.Y.


Please use a recognised marque company with a recognised electric generator company to power your marque (safety standard).

also please make sure the marque is fitted with bright flood lights (very few are) to switch on after your entertainment has finished, to ensure the safety of you/your guests because fairy lights only look nice & not suitable to avoid accidents after your party.

We have got 2 colour (RGB/mix to White) floodlights but please always ask us before your booking.  

Never run marque power off your eg. your house/garage etc, lawnmower/household cables, or cables longer than 20 meter max,

unless you have paid for a professional electrical install from your power board to your marque (higher than 13amp to marque),

this is because the longer the cable the voltage drops, so uses more amps what will blow you power board.

We always carry a 20 meter outdoor power lead, in case of venue electrical issues (power from another circuit/room).

If you do a D.I.Y. marque install & power install it will ruin your day as not enough power to cook your wedding breakfast properly,

run your entertainments, or accidents eg. in the dark without correct safety lighting.

Your wedding will be remembered for the wrong reasons... 


Entertainments Business Van Insurance & Extra Information:

In addition to just the van insurance we also have these items included in the policy:

Breakdown Cover provided by RAC, Key Cover provided .

Also a few other things included, & Green Flag Breakdown for the van as a back-up.

NOTE: The Ford Transit Custom is Euro 6 Diesel, so please check if "diesel Ban" areas applicable (eg. London).

2021/22 Left, 2022/23 Right.

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