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Dj Darren Jewell

P.A.T. & Public Liability Insurance (P.L.I.)

You/Your Guests, & Venue Safety.

NOTE: Our P.L.I. Covers Us For Dj, Sound & Lighting/Disco,

Also Our Selfie Pod (Photo Booth), & Light Up Love Letters etc.

Our P.L.I. company renews the documents the day they run out so we are always covered, we receive the new documents a few days later.

Below is some information we send venues, or you can share this website page with them.

We only use a fully independent electrical engineer (no links to our business).



We make sure our equipment cannot be a risk.
All power leads were the public/guests can gain access are Kopex
 as "outdoor all weather & armoured protection" this means the electric leads & boxes are waterproof, & the armour should stop eg. high heels piercing the cables. The main power leads behind the disco everything plugs into are SY standard & all have warning stickers attached. 

All lighting uses stage quick release clamps, & secondary safety chained. All speakers are kept at or below 2m & are bottom heavy. Electrically its an industrial/event install (we are the only disco company we know to have invested in this level of safety/wedding discos).

Our Love letters have plates on the bottom so they are more stable if knocked. 

The only risks are from people being intoxicated or unsupervised children deliberately tampering with items to make them unsafe / We make things very hard to be tampered with.

Our Photo-Pod is designed to be self-service as it states an age restriction on the screen 18+ or children supervised by adults (adults use it/start it). In recent years there is an increasing issue of parent/guests let there children be unsupervised for long periods of time eg. put a teddy bear up into the photo-pod photo shoot, or pushing items into the shoot / destroying the guestbook, unplugging Kopex power leads/pulling on leads, throwing sign boards/props/games around to cause harm/dammage etc. 

All our equipment is safe & if we ask adults to supervise there children or intoxicated guests, if this is not done we reserve the right to remove all equipment to prevent deliberate self-harm to themselves/others, non of our equipment is a toy.

We want everyone to have fun! We

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