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Most Of The Items Shown Are Not Available If You Have Booked From Another Company.

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Photo-Pod / Photo-Booth: Please Always Look At Our Deals Page, Or Ask For A Quote!

We Have 3 Photo-Pods That We Pride Ourselves On the 6"x4"Picture/Print Quality.

1. Our Best Pod: Premium Wood Pod Is Perfect For Manor Houses/Historic Venues, Or Barns etc.

This Pod  shell was specially made by a bespoke furniture maker.

2. Compact Pod If You Don't Have Much Room.

3. Novelty Grandmother Clock-Pod.

The Photo-Pods Complement Our Disco Hence We Offer A Discount When Booked With Our Disco.

All Our Photo-Pods Are Designed For Self-Service As Ultra Reliable, They Also Come With Props, Guestbook, 2x 6"x4" Prints Per Visit, Digital Copy Sent To You Within 5 Days, & Available In 200 (small weddings) or 400 Prints Per Booking Options.

Photo-Pod Booked Without Disco Prices With Props/Guestbook & Assistant: 

1. Premium Wood Pod £475Peak, £375 Off-Peak.

2. Compact Pod £425 Peak, £350 Off-Peak.

3. Novelty Grandmother Clock Pod £430 Peak, £355 Off-Peak.

This is based on 60 min travel time, setting up the Pod 6-7pm & Pod Opening Times 7-11:30pm.

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