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Photo-Booth/Pod: The Vintage Grandmother Photo Clock 

 With High Quality 6"x4" (Inch) Prints.

Fed Up Of Seeing The Same Looking Photo-Booths/Pod's With Fuzzy Prints, 

Then Closes When Your Guests Start To Use It So You Only Get A Few Pints In Your Guestbook?

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PhotoBooth Pod The Vintage Grandmother Clock
Bhoto-Booth/Pod The Vintage Photo Clock

What We Have Done

We have been in the wedding industry for over 10 years.

Allot of the bookings we Dj'ed had Photo-Booths/Pods, we also have friends with very successful Photo-Booth/Pod/Mirror companies, & we have gone out with there booths & operated them/know what's in them & how they work. People want to be unique but we could not buy a unique photo-booth with high quality prints? 

About 6 years ago I embarked on a project to have a unique photo-booth, with 6"x4" photo prints that is equal or better than the best Photo-Pod/Booths on the market.

We spent a year trying to find a nice looking box to put all the pro-photo-booth workings inside, but did not find anything...

About 5 years ago while clearing out my wife dad's loft we found her nana 's grandmother clock, it was a bit worse for wear being in the loft for many decades, but had a vey pretty clock face, I did not have the heart to break it up &  take it to the wood recycling centre  but thought could this charming old clock be converted into a Photo-Pod? 

The Clock was too small for a laptop so we had to think of other options,

6 months later we found a Canadian software developer that used an iPad as the touch scree/computer, & you could still use a DLSR camera standard photo booths/pod's use for quality. We bought the software & FujiFilm mirrorless DLSR camera, but no matter were the camera was placed it took the charm away from the clock? We then went back to the software developer & asked them to help us resolve this issue, & they replied "use an iPhone as fantastic in low light", not being sure we put this to the test as compared the prints from professional photo-booth/pods with DLSR cameras printed out, & our iPhone printed out on the same model of dye-sub photo-booth printer, we did this in venues with lots of photo-booth/pod's & the iPhone was the same quality or outperformed the pro-booth/Pods, hence the clock uses an iPhone 12 or 13Pro-Max (same as the latest 360 booths). Then we spent a year testing the picture quality of the clock, as it was just set to emailing pictures taken.

All was good as we got the lighting perfect as you don't get a fuzzy picture,

or white balance issue industry standard pod-mirrors are prone to in low light rooms when most Photo-Pod/Mirrors are mostly used.

Covid Lockdown hit so then we thought about printers & bought a professional 6"x4" inch print photo-booth printer, at first we went for the industry standard/leader, but always wanted the same model a large photo developer used, so we then bough the FujiFilm & keep the other as a back-up in a wooden box, admittedly  the FujiFilm is more expensive to run, but its more quality. 

We always carry a spare camera/screen/media-paper ink etc. 

The Clock cost us much more to do than buying a new industry-standard Photo Pod.

The Clock Is Set-Up Before The Disco So Your Guests Can Have Fun Using It While The Disco Is Being Set-up, The Clock Closes When The Disco Finishes, Unless The 200 Prints Are Used That Is More Than Ample For Most Weddings As It Should Fill Your Full Size Guestbook & Prints For Your Guests.

For Larger Weddings We Advise The 400 Prints Option.

Sadly Allot Of The Photo-Booth Companies (Not All) Are Run To Do The Least Amount Of Prints Possible So They Make More Profit eg. the start time is when your wedding speeches are happening as most weddings run over one hour late by the evening, & close the photo-booth just as people are going to use it / out of time, or commonly  run out of paper/media to do prints when the photo-booth is busy so they close it for 10 minuets? This means your guests loose interest & don't use it again... Our Clock Always Has A Minimum Of 200 Prints At The Start Of Your Night So It Should Never Close, So Fill Your Full Size Guestbook Up / We Don't Use Tiny Guestbooks To Hide How Little  A Photo-Booth Has Been Used?

We Want Everyone To Use Our Clock & Have Fun!!!


Our Vision

1. To have a unique Photo-Booth/Pod with amazing prints = Done.

Our clock is perfect for old buildings, but still looks fantastic anywhere!

2. Make the clock affordable for most clients = Done.

We are finding allot of nice couples have not got a budget for photo-booths, so instead  hire polaroid cameras that are hard to re-fill & tiny prints, or photo-pods that don't print as they only email pictures, also  photo-booths with very tiny prints that don't look good in guestbooks? 

 The clock is roughly the same price as the budget options above, but you get professional photo-booth results, it's our way of saying thank you for booking our disco so please see our package deals.

The Clock is self service so is cheaper to hire, you still get a guestbook, two prints per visit as one for your guestbook & one for your guest, the full camera roll digitally transferred to you after your booking as well. The clock has 200 prints so will be open longer (most booths only do 80-120 prints in 4 hours at weddings),  with 200 prints loaded the booth should not close to add more prints, you could pay a bit more & have 400 prints?

The Clock Usually Opens At 7pm So Your Guests Can Have Fun With It While We Set Up The Disco, The Clock Closes When The Disco Finishes Unless The Prints Have Been Used (200 Or 400 Print Booking Options).

3. Better hygiene = Done (We had Long-Covid, hygiene is very important).

We don't use the same props over, & over again at different bookings as 

eg. wigs/feather boa/wood props can harbour germs even if washed. 

We only use new props every booking  you can keep at the end of the night (props on sticks & blow up props).

More Info:

The clock can do invisible green-screen if the clock faces a wall 

(no backdrop needed) pictured Pyramid. 

Please always ask us for more information regarding this feature.


We supply couples with a guestbook everyone can put pictures in & write a message to you, the pages are Black  so with the 3 picture printed template pictured below, the print should look classy for decades to come, If you would like all your pictures in Black & White /not colour please always ask us before your booking.

Please ask us what text you would like eg. Your first names & wedding date.

Strange But True...

Generally older guests think photo booths/pods are far too complicated, 

or something only younger people did so you don't get a picture of them?

Think again as its usually granny or granddad  that uses the clock first, 

then tells all your guests how good it is!

For More Information:

Please Email:

Phone: Office: 01934-613644, Mobile: 07792123767.


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