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Dj Darren Jewell Freelance Dj & Ally.

With disco-somerset.com on your contract Is Our Premium/Best Ballroom Disco & Service.

Pictures on this website are our premium/best disco taken at 7pm so this is what your guests will see entering your room.

We always try to blend into your venue surroundings for socialising warm-up background music before your First Dance,

then our disco will come alive to reflect your party mood/music choice & tempo.

Dj Darren Jewell is a professional freelance Dj & this is our only income for more than 15 years.


Darren Jewell Freelance Dj

Like Most Entertainers We Are Freelance/Work For Many Other Companies.

Full Time Professional Dj'ing Is Our Only Income, You Can Book Us Directly From This Our Website. 

We Also Work For Many Different Companies (3rd Party Bookings) That Sometimes List Our Name/Stage Name etc.


We Use Contracts With Only disco-somerset.com Clients Book Us & Sign,

For Our Premium Best Ballroom Disco & Service/pictures on this website 

Clients Can Only Get Our Best/Ballroom Disco Booking Us From This Website disco-somerset.com Contract,

All other contracts Companies/Website/Contract (Our Name Or Dj Stage Names On Contracts) Are For Our Industry Standard Disco/or Dj booked though Booking-Agents Pictures Shown Above Our Calendar Further Down This Page.

If Your Contract Dose Not State disco-somerset.com You Have Not Booked Us/The Disco Pictured On This Website.

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Available Additionally To Hire With Our Disco:

We are a true Dj/disco company that does small rooms to ballrooms as we have invested heavily only in equipment to do the job perfectly & back-up, after that was achieved we now have some extra items couples ask for,

as we do not use our disco booking/recommended to sell you more extra expensive services,

as we specialise in the Dj/disco.

Our extra services are designed to blend in so adding something unique to your wedding,

and are set up in the evening before our disco. 

We want everyone to enjoy them & won't break your bank!

1. Classy Giant 4ft White Light Up Love Letters.

Our Giant White Love Letters are powered by a 12v fire alarm battery so they do not need to be by a plug with a long lead...

They are only bright enough to highlight the love letters so your room is not like daylight at night, pictured below.

Ever tried to have a party atmosphere in bright daylight you know its better in a darkened room, so why book bright Letters as they look great in the daytime, but are party ambiance killers at night/bright daylight still...?

3. Love Letters - Darren.jpg

2. Photo-Booth/Pod That All Generations Have Fun With!

The Vintage Photo Grandmother Clock With High Quality 6"x4" (inch) Prints.

Pictured In The Assembly Rooms, Bath (Museum & Historic Attraction).

This looks perfect in all historic buildings including mansion houses,

also its shabby chic White so should blend into most venues.

Only Available When Booked With Our Disco Open: 6pm-Midnight, That's UP TO 6 Hours! 

You can use the clock while we set up our disco.

Small Wedding Deal Up To 120 Guests Best Value For Money.

2x 6"x4" (inch) high quality prints per visit, as one print for your guestbook & one for your guest.

Our clock was primarily designed to fill the gap between polaroid cameras & photo booths,

as we found so many couples wanted a photo booth but did not have the budget, or thought it might not be used allot as they are extremely expensive to hire. Polaroid cameras are not very cost effective for the price of prints for a wedding (one print for your guestbook & one for your guest), also the prints are very small & constant hassle changing paper cartages.

We do not compromise on the print/photo quality etc.

The only difference between our clock & leading photo-pod/booth companies is our clock is self-service,

as just follow the instructions on the screen.

We obviously have a back-up: professional  dye-sub printers (Fuji Film/new main & Mitsubishi back-up),

back-up screen with software, camera, media/paper ink ribbon, guest book, props etc.

Price: Please see our amazing package deal price! 

As The Clock Is Normally £325-£550 to hire for 4 hours with our disco.

For enhanced hygiene:

The clock comes with props on sticks, & some blow up  props you can keep at the end of the night with your guestbook,

we WeTransfer all the camera roll to you after your day so then you have a digital copy & physical/photo prints in your guestbook.

The clock is self-service as just follow the simple instructions on the screen, or on top of the clock.


3. Garden After Ceremony Music, or ceremony,

And Speech System Battery Powered Speaker.

This speaker is perfect for after your ceremony if you have under 100 guests as they all want to socialise, then speeches.

You can play all your favourite songs via e.g. Bluetooth on your phone, or other inputs.

Later In 2022 We Shall Have Some Family Garden Games.

Garden Speaker - Darren 1.jpg

4. Mood Uplighting x 10 Battery Powered

Without & With Mood Uplighting Pictured Below.

From The Daytime Wedding Breakfast Room into Your Party Room At Night.

Our mood-uplighting is full colour so will achieve many colour shades if colours mixed:

Red, Green, Blue, Amber/Yellow, White, & Ultraviolet.

They can wirelessly change colour during the night e.g. First Dance colour, your "Peak-time party bangers hour" colour etc. 

We Think Every Couple Should Hire Uplights As They Complete Our Best Disco Show, Why We Discount Them So Much (package offer).


5. Rustic Dj Booth & Rustic Giant 4ft Light Up Love Letters.

They are made from 100% recycled wood. The letters have subtle low lighting warm-white/yellow tint led bulbs, 

Mains or 12v Battery powered (in a safety boat-battery box), so don't need to be near a power socket.

Also the Rustic Love Letters Can Be Used Outside Or In Barn Entrance Areas If Dry (They have Water Resistant/Kopex leads).

When booked with our best show disco-somerset.com on your contract the 2 lights are mounted onto the Dj booth via a rustic mount, so it's in keeping with the rustic look (not the White/Black light up pillars).

Rustic Booth  & Love-Old Gore Barn .jpg

6. If You Would Like? 

Love, Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr, & Mrs & Mrs, Lighting Monograms.

Two of our stage lights can project the selected monogram,

that on slower more romance moods the monogram will tastefully be used sometimes.

The lighting shown is when your guests are entering the room before your First Dance as to set the right relaxed mood...

Before your First Dance the lighting changes as not to cover you both in dots/patterns,

as this would have been captured on your photographs.

Please Always Ask Us About Monograms Before Your Booking

The_Wedding_Players_Eastington Park_DJew

Worked Venues:
After Covid Lockdown We Have Been In Various Venues.

Venues We Have Worked At (Dj Darren Jewell):
Bath Historic Venues: The Roman Baths, & The Pump Room, The Assembly Rooms, The Guild Hall. 

Bristol: S.S. Great Britain. Stratford-upon-Avon: Ettington Park Hotel. Near Exeter: Deer Park Country House.

Somerset: Coombe Lodge & Priston Mill & Barn, Brympton House. Langport: Dairyhouse Farm Weddings and Events.

Castle Coombe: The Manor House. Frome: Orchardleigh House & Elmhay Pk.

Trotworth Ct, Kingscoat Barn, Cripps & Old Gore Barn, Clevedon Hall, Aldwick Estate, Euridge Manor etc.

disco-somerset.com on your contract:

Our Best Full Show Is Pictured Top Of Page In The Roman Baths (endless hot mineral water),

this picture was taken without any smoke effects used.

We do have more sound & lighting if ever needed, & mix of equipment suitable for small to big weddings.

Tel: 01934-613644, Mob: 07792123767.

Email: d.fj@btconnect.com

ONLY Contracts With disco-somerset.com Is Our Finest Equipment With Our Highest Bespoke Service

*This does not include option 5 in our package deals, or contracts that do not state disco-somerset.com.

Disco Prices:

Our Best Disco Pictured Top Of Website (Back or White Dj Booth): 

Peak Friday/Saturday Including Bank Holiday Weekends: £395-475.

Off-Peak: Sunday-Thursday & Fri/Sat November-February: £260-365.

If you extend your finishing time to 1am this should be included in the price.

How To Book Us Is At The Bottom Of This Page Just Above Our Availability 

Package Deals With Extra Services:

1. Classic Deal:

Includes A & B.

A: Our Best Disco.

B: Giant 4ft White Light Up Love Letters.

Peak: £430-£530. Off-Peak: £295-£425.

2. Barn Deal: Includes A & B.

A: Our Best Disco.

B: Rustic Dj Booth Plus Rustic Giant Light Up Love Letters.

Peak: £475-565. Off-Peak: £345-470.

3. Added WOW! Mood Uplighting:

*We advise you to book this as it completes the full lighting show for all your room, why we heavily discount it.

When Booked with our disco disco-somerset.com on your contract.

Mood Uplighting: Peak: £45. Off-Peak: £35.

This Offer Can Be Added To All Other Package Deals!

4. Small Wedding Deal Up To 100 Guests:

Includes A & B.

A: Disco Or Our Best Disco (choice is yours?).

B: Photo Booth/Pod The Fun Vintage Photo Grandmother Clock/Photo-Booth/Pod,

Up To 200 Prints, 6x4 Size Professional Photo Booth Prints, 2 Prints Per Visit/200 prints max 6pm-Midnight,

Photo Guest Book, Hygienic Props on Sticks & blow up props (you get to keep the photo guest book & props at the end of thew night).

The full camera roll that makes up the printed pictures is digitally sent to you via WeTransfer link. 

You Could Upgrade To 400 Prints Max For An Extra £35.

Peak: £495-£585. Off-Peak £400-£485. 

5. The BIG Wedding Deal Up To 100 Guests Small-Medium Room Size (All-Inclusive).

Includes A*, B, C, & D.

A: Disco Pictured as "All-inclusive Industry Standard Disco" near the bottom of the page.

*Perfect For up to 100 Guests! Please See The Information Further Down For "Industry Standard Discos"

B: Giant White 4ft Light Up Love Letters,Or Rustic Dj Booth & Giant 4ft Light Up Rustic Love Letters.

C: Photo-Booth/Pod: The Fun Vintage Photo Grandmother Clock as in deal 4 "B" above.

D: Static Mood-Uplighting.

Peak: £610-£720. Off-Peak: £525-600.

6. Ultimate Class What We Do Best, Up To 120 Guests.

Includes A, B, C, & D.

A: Our Best Disco.

B: Giant White 4ft Light Up Love Letters.

C: Photo-Booth/Pod: The Fun Vintage Photo Grandmother Clock as in deal 4 "B" above.

D: Active Mood-Uplighting as can change colour eg. Your First Dance Colour, & "Peak Party" Colour.

This Then Is Our Complete Full & Finest Disco-Show.

Peak: £770-£850. Off-Peak: £650-£815.

Please Note: We might take longer setting up all this equipment & packing down,

so this deal is best for venues with night porters/staff, & the Vintage Photo Clock & Giant White Love Letters can be set up before the disco/in a different room eg. The Assembly Rooms Bath as the Clock & Letters go in the bar room set up before the disco, & set up the disco in one of the ballrooms (Tea Room, Or Large Ballroom), after your wedding breakfast.

Scrap Book

Coombe Lodge.jpeg
Photo 02-08-2021, 17 11 25.jpg
Rusric 2.jpg
Aldwick Estate.jpg
photo 01-10-2021, 17 50 33.jpeg

Below Are Pictures Of Our Industry Standard Disco.

The Industry Standard Disco Is Far Lesser Quality Than Our Premium/Best Disco disco-somerset.com Contract.

All Contracts That Do Not State disco-somerset.com are booked through booking/agents that only sell our industry standard disco pictured in the 3 picture below (no other pictures on this website).

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Wedding Booking Calendar


Fully GDPR compliant:
We will not be taking pictures of you & your guests to use on media/send new clients to gain work-marketing,
as this practice is illegal today, unless every person in the picture & the venue consents hence we show no people in our pictures.
It's your special day, & should never be used to sell items by others.

We do not use social media hype or constantly update reviews, as word of mouth & trust always grows our business.

Just say thank you, or a tip that is always welcome.

ONLY Contracts With disco-somerset.com Is Our Finest Equipment With Our Highest Bespoke Service

How To Book Your Wedding Disco:

Dj Darren Jewell Is A Full Time Professional Dj, As our Only Income Is Dj'ing.

1. Please Always Phone Us To Discuss How You Want Things Done.

2. We Then Send You A Quote That Is Valid For Up To 14 Days - This Is Because There Are Some Key Dates Most People Want To Get Married On.

3. If You Are Happy With The Quote & Want to Confirm Your Booking We Send You An Email Contract To Sign

This Must Be Signed Within 2 Days To Keep Your Date Open To You.

4. After You Have Signed Your Contract & We Have Received Conformation, Then We Ask For A Deposit To Be Paid Into Our Business Account, After That Is Received That Date Is Yours & You Have Booked Us.

Clients Must Sign Our Contract Stating disco-somerset.com To Be Booked, otherwise you are not booked,

This Is To Protect You/Clients.


Darren & Ally 
Email: d.fj@btconnect.com
Office Telephone: 01934 613644, or 07792123767.

We Normally Travel All Over The Map Below

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