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We Will Be There To Help You Every Step Of Your Way.
Standard/Basic Disco, Premium Disco/Events, Love Letters, Rustic Decor, Photo-Pod & More!

Option 1: Industry Standard Disco Black & White Disco Pictures Only.

Standard/Basic Disco & Dj Services Listed As: "Dj Darren Jewell" On Contracts = Sub-Contracted Dj Bookings.

Option 2: Better Than Standard Coloured Disco Pictures. djdarrenjewell.com Contracts.

Bookings Only Booked Via This Our Website This Is Not Available From Other Companies/Websites.  

Premium Services Listed As: "djdarrenjewell.com Premium/Best Ballroom Show" Contracts We Send Clients.

Our Finest Quality "Live" Sound Equipment, & Lighting Show, Perfect For Ballrooms.

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From Your Wedding Breakfast Room, Then Your Party Room
We Do Our Best To Highlight Your Rooms Natural Beauty. 
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Available Additionally To Hire With Our Disco:

After Dj'ing/Disco In The Wedding Industry For Over 10 Years We Started To Buy Our Own Extra Services,

But Wanted Them To Be Safer, More Fun, & Offer Couples Far Better Value For Money, So We Did Not Just Buy The Same "Industry  Standard Clone" Everyone Bought As We Improved The On The Industry Standard,

And Made Things More Suitable For Weddings With Our 10 Years Experience Learning From Others.

1. Classy Giant 4ft White Light Up Love Letters.


2. Photo-Booth/Pod.

The Vintage Photo Grandmother Clock With High Quality 6"x4" (inch) Prints.


3. Garden After Ceremony Music, or ceremony,

And Speech System Battery Powered Speaker.

Garden Games! 

Garden Speaker - Darren 1.jpg

4. Mood Uplighting x 10 Battery Powered

From The Daytime Wedding Breakfast Room into Your Party Room At Night Pictured Below.

Our mood-uplighting is full colour so will achieve many colour shades if colours mixed:

Red, Green, Blue, Amber/Yellow, White, & Ultraviolet.

They can wirelessly change colour during the night e.g. First Dance colour, your "Peak-time party bangers hour" colour etc. 


5. Rustic Dj Booth, Rustic Giant 4ft Light Up Love Letters (IP 65),

Rustic Post Box.

Made from 100% recycled wood & have the same safety features/benefits as our White love letters.

The Rustic Letters are designed for barn entrances & lean-to as they are rain resistant so the odd splash is fine,

but advise them to be used inside if its a rainy day/night, as it might effect the wood wax. 

Powered by 2 boat-safe battery boxes & Kopek IP65 power leads.

1. Rusic Love Outdoor - Dj Darren Jewell.jpg
2. Rustic Love Letters - Dj Darren Jewell.jpg

6. If You Would Like? 

Love, Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr, & Mrs & Mrs, Lighting Monograms.

The_Wedding_Players_Eastington Park_DJew

Scrap Book

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Wedding Booking Calendar
Direct Bookings Only From This Website: Colour Disco Pictures.
This Is The Only Way To Book Our Best Equipment & Service 
(This Is Not Available From Other Companies/Websites).  
Our Own Contracts Only Listing The Client/You & "djdarrenjewell.com Premium/Best-Ballroom Show"
Booking Us Direct Always Gives Couples/Clients Far Better Value For Money.
Please Phone, Or Email Us For A Quote Listing Your Venue /Postcode & Booking Date?
We Never Subcontract Work Out To Other Dj's, So You Always Get What You Want eg. Disco Look/Equipment & Service.

Darren & Ally:.
Email: d.fj@btconnect.com
Office Telephone: 01934 613644, or 07792123767

For All Contracts Listing Your Entertainer As "Dj Darren Jewell" (Industry Standard/Basic Disco Service).
Black & White Disco Pictures Only. Please Contact Your Contract Company Provider

As A Freelance Dj We Only Work For Our Own Company/This Website Direct Bookings, All Other Bookings We Are A Subcontractor.

We Normally Travel All Over The Map Below
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Fully GDPR compliant:
The information you give us is used by your instruction then destroyed after your booking.

Music & Licensing:

We buy the music we need from iTunes (99p per track), or kindly get sent promo's from record labels/producers club-bookings.

Dj's cannot legally stream music in licensed venues this includes wedding venues, as the Dj & venue could be prosecuted so we cannot legally use eg. Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube, Sound-Cloud etc. This is why for weddings we ask for a 15-25 song playlist so we have the songs you want on your night, as some venues have no WiFi, or Phone signal etc. so we cannot buy music on your night.

All our music is legally bought so its a far better quality sound eg. Apple-Lossless, Wav-Lossless, Or our minimum standard is MP3 320 (mainly club promo's). We spend many thousands £ every year as you are paying for a professional legal company with high quality clear music sound. With our best/ballroom sound-system you can clearly hear the difference between the best lossless sound & an MP3 lower quality sound. Sadly some Dj's do "rip"/steal music from file-sharing sites & streaming services that is extremely low quality & illegal. 


An Increasing Problem For Couples Booking Discos & Discos.You Book A Self Contained Disco Service: We Do Not Allow Anything Else To Be Plugged Into OUR Disco,As There Are An Increasing Amount Of Soloists, Singers, & Bands etc. That Do Not Have A Sound System, Or Broken Their Own? It Would Cost Much More To Hire A Good Quality Sound System Than A Disco high risk of abuse overdriven/break, why hiring sound & lighting is very expensive.We Do Not Want Our Equipment Damaged As We Would Have To Pay To Fix It Caused By Someone Else,& Your Disco Would End Early.If Anything Is Needed To Plug Into Our Disco Sound System We Charge An Upgrade Fee To Our Best Sound System & Clearly Listed On Your Contract As An Additional Service & Booked/Paid In Advance, This Also Applies To All Dj Darren Jewell Freelance/Subcontracted Contracts (we had saxophonist recently sending large spikes through our standard disco so the speakers would peak-limit & shutdown protect/this does damage the speakers / We always have had a Compression/Limiter used, but the spikes were far to sharp-high for limiters).We do not turn up to your venue with just a laptop, headphones, & microphone, then tell the band/soloist to plug us into their equipment (it would save us many thousands of pounds each year).