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We Will Be There To Help You Every Step Of Your Way.

Our Own Contracted disco-somerset.com Premium Ballroom Services & Ally.

Also Standard Services With Contracted Dj Darren Jewell Freelance Dj.

The Dj Booth Can Be White Or Black, With An Option Of Rustic Dj Booth & Rustic Love.

Full time professional Dj 10 years in the wedding industry, and over 20 years experience in bars & nightclubs.

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Available Additionally To Hire With Our Disco:

1. Classy Giant 4ft White Light Up Love Letters.

3. Love Letters - Darren.jpg

2. Photo-Booth/Pod That All Generations Have Fun With!

The Vintage Photo Grandmother Clock With High Quality 6"x4" (inch) Prints.

Two prints per visit, as one for the guestbook included & one for your guest, for best hygiene we use props on stick & blow up props because they are new every booking & you can keep them. We also send you the full camera roll digitally after your booking.

The clock does attract the older generations to use it as they usually don't use traditional photo booths, more of your guests have fun!

We supply your guestbook with Black pages, as your 3 picture prints has a White background as looks classy for many years to come,

and your guests can write a note in metallic pens we supply (we can do overlays eg. school proms/18th birthday parties etc.).

You can hire the clock separately P.O.A. or look at our package deals!


3. Garden After Ceremony Music, or ceremony,

And Speech System Battery Powered Speaker.

This speaker is perfect for your ceremony & after, then speeches with the corded or wireless microphone.

You can play all your favourite songs via e.g. Bluetooth on your phone, & many or other inputs. P.O.A.

Garden Speaker - Darren 1.jpg

4. Mood Uplighting x 10 Battery Powered

From The Daytime Wedding Breakfast Room into Your Party Room At Night Pictured Below.

Our mood-uplighting is full colour so will achieve many colour shades if colours mixed:

Red, Green, Blue, Amber/Yellow, White, & Ultraviolet.

They can wirelessly change colour during the night e.g. First Dance colour, your "Peak-time party bangers hour" colour etc. 


5. Rustic Dj Booth & Rustic Giant 4ft Light Up Love Letters.

They are made from 100% recycled wood.

Rustic Booth  & Love-Old Gore Barn .jpg

6. If You Would Like? 

Love, Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr, & Mrs & Mrs, Lighting Monograms.

The_Wedding_Players_Eastington Park_DJew

We Have Many More Extra Services & Entertainments.

Tel: 01934-613644, Mob: 07792123767.

Email: d.fj@btconnect.com

Disco Prices Start From:

Peak Friday/Saturday Including Bank Holiday Weekends Standard Disco From: £315.

Peak+ Upgrade To Our Best Ballroom Disco From: £400.

Off-Peak: Sunday-Thursday & Fri/Sat November-February Standard Disco From: £250.

Off-Peak+ Upgrade To Our Best Ballroom Disco From: £325.

We also do just a sound-system upgrade from our standard disco, please ask for prices?

Prices are based on:

6pm-7pm setting up the disco & any extra services if booked, 7pm-midnight disco-party time,

60 minuet round trip to & from your venue, We do charge a bit more for extra hours worked,

and traveling further (from Weston-Super-Mare) if outside the times above. 


A. Prices Start For Our Standard Disco Show Designed For Small To Medium Room Size,

Dj Darren Jewell Contracts: Only The 3 Black & White Disco Pictures Below.

standard 2 2.jpg
djdarrenjewell.com standard.jpg

B. Our Best Sound-System & Ballroom Disco:

We Send You Our Own disco-somerset.com Contract, Not Dj Darren Jewell. 

We have to charge a bit more for our best/ballroom show because it cost five times more than our standard disco,

but mainly our best/ballroom disco costs allot more to maintain hence we need to cover the ongoing maintenance costs.

If your contract does not state disco-somerset.com & you would like to upgrade to our best/ballroom service,

please contact us for an upgrade quote?

Why: Dj Darren Jewell contracts are done through 3rd party booking companies/agencies & they have always only sold/pay/booked our standard disco/Dj service.

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What Equipment Is The Best For Your Needs?

What is the difference between our Standard Disco & Ballroom/Best disco?

The Standard Disco is designed like most wedding discos to do small-medium rooms,

up to 130 guests with a 5 Meter square dance floor/dancing area.

Sound-system 2x RCF Art 715 Mk1 top speakers, & 2x RCF 705asii bass speakers. Lighting: 2x Equinox Helix that cover your dance area well.

Some wedding bands also use this sound-system as its a great sound as not too over processed. 

Our Ballroom/Best disco uses true stage-touring event grade equipment so the sound is natural (not processed),

the lighting highlights all your room & adapts constantly with your party mood/tempo & far more advanced eg. your first dance photographer will love it as the perfect picture. Sound: 2x SRX 815P top speakers, 2x DXS 18 Bass Speakers. Lighting: 4x ADJ focus spotZThree & we always carry a spare, the lights are prefect for ballrooms as not over powerful, but do the job perfectly as we don't want to blind your guests. 

Venue Noise restrictions/noise limiters:

Even though our best/ballroom disco can go twice as loud as the standard disco if ever needed, our best sound-system is far better coping with venue noise restrictions/limiter than standard/normal disco speakers, as disco speakers are designed go give a "big sound" on the dance floor as the speakers process the sound to give it more of a bass-boom & more top/tweeter (sounds like a home cinema kit), venue noise limiters do not like processed sound as its more boom... as the speaker takes away the harmful midrange it cannot handle = You end up with only hearing the boom-bass & screechy/hiss top at the back of the room (hard to talk etc.), & with venue noise limiters the speaker volume has to be turned down lower. Our best sound-system (disco-somerset.com contracts only) is touring event standard as it handles all the frequencies so does not need to play around with how it sounds, as pushes high clarity sound back much further than disco speakers as it seems much louder than the standard/normal disco speakers, but in fact its the same dB/noise level so works with noise limiters far better,

we always carry a dB meter to check.

Package Deals Disco With Extra Services:

Extra services are usally set up when we arrive with the disco.

If you would like our best/ballroom disco on any of the packages deals please ask for a quote, as we don't charge much more.

1. Classic Deal:

Includes A & B.

A: Standard Disco (Black & White disco picture).

B: Giant 4ft White Light Up Love Letters.

Peak From: £365. Off-Peak From: £275.

A+ Best Ballroom Disco With Mood-Uplighting Upgrade From: Peak: £445. Off-Peak: £365.

2. Barn Deal: Includes A & B.

A: Standard Disco (Black & White disco picture).

B: Rustic Dj Booth Plus Rustic Giant Light Up Love Letters.

Peak From: £375.Off-Peak From: £285.

A+ Best Ballroom Disco With Mood-Uplighting Upgrade From: Peak: £455. Off-Peak: £375.

3. Added WOW! Mood Uplighting:

We advise you to book this as it completes the full lighting show for all your room, why we heavily discount it.

Mood Uplighting From: Peak: £50. Off-Peak: £40.

This Offer Can Be Added To All Other Package Deals!

4. Small Wedding Deal Up To 130 Guests:

Includes A & B.

A: Standard Disco (Black & White disco picture).

B: Photo Booth/Pod The Fun Vintage Photo Grandmother Clock/Photo-Booth/Pod,

Up To 200 Prints, 6x4 Size Professional Photo Booth Prints, 2 Prints Per Visit/200 prints max 6pm-Midnight (note: most industry photo booths only do 80-120 prints in 4 hours, our clock gets used much more),

Photo Guest Book, Hygienic Props on Sticks & blow up props you get to keep the photo guest book & props at the end of the night, the the clock is unmanned as just follow the simple instructions on the touch screen,

or on top of the clock.

The full camera roll that makes up the printed pictures is also digitally sent to you via WeTransfer link. 

You Could Upgrade To 400 Prints Max For An Extra £40, but the standard 200 should be more than adequate.

Peak From: £465. Off-Peak From: £365.

A+ Best Ballroom Disco With Mood-Uplighting Upgrade From: Peak: £515 Off-Peak: £435.

5. The BIG Deal Up To 130 Guests Perfect For Barns/Small-Medium Size Rooms. Limited Availability.

Includes A, B, C, & D.

A: Standard Disco (Black & White disco picture).

B: Giant White 4ft Light Up Love Letters,Or Rustic Dj Booth & Giant 4ft Light Up Rustic Love Letters.

C: Photo-Booth/Pod: The Fun Vintage Photo Grandmother Clock as in deal 4 "B" above.

D: Mood-Uplighting.

Peak From: £515. Off-Peak From: £435.

6. Ultimate Class What We Do Best, Up To 160 Guests. Very Limited Availability.

Includes A, B, C, & D.

A: Our Best Ballroom Disco Show.

B: Giant White 4ft Light Up Love Letters.

C: Photo-Booth/Pod: The Fun Vintage Photo Grandmother Clock as in deal 4 "B" above.

D: Mood-Uplighting As This Is Our Complete Full & Finest Ballroom Disco-Show.

Peak From: £625 Off-Peak From: £495.

Note: We only restrict numbers for our Photo-Pod/Clock because it is self service, as we would charge an extra £100 if specially booked with an operator, but if one of your guests will deal with crowd control the clock will do much higher numbers of guests for the above prices.

Scrap Book

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Fully GDPR compliant:
We will not be taking pictures of you & your guests, & the information you give us is used by your instruction then destroyed after your booking.

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