Est.1999 Dj Sole Trader.

Your Day Done Your Way 

Darren (Dj) & Ally

For Disco Bookings We Use 2 Grades Of Equipment:

1. Our Good Standard Disco In Black & White Pictures Only: Small-Medium Room Size.

Mainly Booked For Freelance Dj/Subcontracted Work / All Bookings Not Booked Via This Website/Webpage.

2. Our Best Quality Sound & Lighting Show Disco: Small Room To Ballroom Size.

Colour Pictures, Only Available Booking Us Directly From This Website, Not Available From Any Other Web/Companies.

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From Your Wedding Breakfast Room, Then Your Party Room
We Do Our Best To Highlight Your Rooms Natural Beauty. 
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Full time professional freelance DJ est. 1999 sole trader.

Always keeping our turnover below the VAT threshold so we don't add 20% VAT to the cost you pay.

We do not use subcontractors as you only deal with Darren (Dj) & Ally.

Our prices are always fair as we will never be wealthy, but seeing people happy having fun is priceless.  


Weddings, Disco's & Events:

"You have booked a professional craftsman/Dj to do things how you want done,

but any craftsperson using they wrong tools for the job the end result is the same as a hobbyist"

1. Our Standard Disco: This can also be booked through this website.
Perfect for small to medium size rooms - Black & White pictures only.
(freelance bookings - bookings not booked via this website). 

This has a higher specification sound system than most disco's use today, and good lighting = Perfect for your dance floor.

Our standard disco is great for small weddings combining it with our extra services eg. Photo-Pod.

2. What We Do Best: 
Our best sound & lighting show can only be booked via this website

(this is not available from any other website/webpage or company). Perfect for Small rooms To ballrooms. 

Best is the best, as disco's only are designed at just entertaining the dance floor area so can't push quality sound past the dance floor so driving your guests home early at the back of the room with very bad sound/ only hear bass drone, or screeching hiss?

Our Best Sound-System fills all your room with high quality sound, as just gets quieter at the back of the room so guests can socialise. Disco lighting is designed to flood everything with patterns/dots & programmed for "peak jump up & down party!"

so on your first dance pictures it covers you with colour splurges & rave speed? as they cannot adapt, Our best lighting is programmed to highlight all your room using the larger more advanced stage moving heads (not the small disco ones that just look like a torch going mad all night?), we use 2 additional lights to light your dance floor, & every light has been programmed as one so they all work in harmony with all lighting, & constantly adapt with your party mood, its more strictly come dancing.

Its your wedding day so we do quality with our best sound & lighting show.

Freelance Bookings (bookings not directly booked through this website/webpage).

We also accept bookings as a subcontractor/Dj from many entertainment agents/booking agencies, club/bar, or for wedding/disco all agency bookings book our standard disco service (our best can only be booked from this webpage).  

Our goal in 2023 is to move away from freelance sub-contracted bookings & grow more bookings from this our website.

Our primary focus is on our best disco service for clients wanting a disco better than the normal industry standard disco.
Everyone can do standard/look disco & market it as luxury, so why we have our best option, but realise there is a growing market in smaller weddings, the choice is yours?



We don’t just do disco’s & Dj’ing (club/bar), as have more fun entertainment’s for hire.

The average number of guests at weddings has fallen to around 40-100 at night, we planned for this why we have our own extra services eg. Photo-Pod, Rustic Decor, Love Letters, Mood-Uplighting, Garden Entertainments etc. 
For clients/couples booking us via this website we looked at the extras pricing differently,

when clients book our disco that is our primary service we charge very little margin on extras,

so far cheaper to say thank you as we want everyone to have more fun!

Weddings are our main income as things must get done right to how couples want on their day,

as every wedding is very different.


Available Additionally To Hire:

1. Classy Giant 4ft White Light Up Love Letters.


Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Fri/Sat/Sun: From £85.00.

Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Mon-Thur: From £75.00.

If you would like them all day & night please contact us for a quote.


2. Photo-Booth/Pod With High Quality 6"x4" (inch) Prints. Victoria Grandmother Clock.

Perfect for weddings, & manor houses/historic venues etc. as doesn't require much room.

The Photo-Pod is open an hour before your disco starts & closes when the disco finishes/or prints used.

Being super reliable it does not need an operator as self service, as we wanted exactly the same quality or better results as a normal events photo-booth/Pod, but at polaroid camera prices. 

Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Fri/Sat/Sun: From £195.00 up to 200 prints, or From £235.00 up to 400 prints.

Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Mon-Thur: From £165.00 up to 200 prints, or From £195.00 up to 400 prints. Victoria Photo-Pod is perfect for wedding with under 120 guests, or corporate events.

The Photo-Pod comes with a guestbook, 2 prints per visit, blow up props & props on sticks, & the full camera roll that makes up the prints will be emailed to you after your wedding (USB sticks can go missing).

200 prints is the best option for weddings up to 100 guests.

Our Photo-Pod was designed to be used that's why it doesn't need to close during your night (media/paper change).

Your guests will first be curious what Victoria does?, then use her, see the high quality prints & adore her!

Victoria gets used more than the normal events Photo-Pods/Booths/Mirrors etc. Victoria was Ally's nana's clock.


3. Garden After Ceremony Music, or ceremony,

And Speech System Battery Powered Speaker.

Also Garden Games! 

Booked with our disco please ask us for a quote as you tell us when you need them?

We do an "all-day" package when we set the speaker & garden games up before midday, & stay on site all day.

It's very good value for money as we work out your total spend for your booking & add an all-day/night discount.

Garden Speaker - Darren 1.jpg

4. Mood Uplighting x 10 Battery Powered

From The Daytime Wedding Breakfast Room into Your Party Room At Night Pictured Below.

Our mood-uplighting is full colour so will achieve many colour shades if colours mixed:

Red, Green, Blue, Amber/Yellow, White, & Ultraviolet.

They can wirelessly change colour during the night e.g. First Dance colour, your "Peak-time party bangers hour" colour etc. 

Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Fri/Sat/Sun: From £70.00

Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Mon-Thur: From £50.00


5. Rustic Dj Booth, Rustic Giant 4ft Light Up Love Letters (IP 65),

Rustic Post Box.

Made from 100% recycled wood & have the same safety features/benefits as our White love letters.

The Rustic Letters are designed for barn entrances & lean-to as they are rain resistant so the odd splash is fine,

but advise them to be used inside if its a rainy day/night, as it might effect the wood wax. 

Powered by 2 boat-safe battery boxes & Kopek IP65 power leads.


Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Rustic Love & Dj Booth Fri/Sat/Sun: From £95.00

Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Mon-Thur:Rustic Love & Dj Booth Fri/Sat/Sun: From £75.00

Booked with our disco: If you would like the rustic post box & rustic love all day & night please ask for a quote.

2. Rustic Love Letters - Dj Darren Jewell.jpg

6. If You Would Like? 

Love, Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr, & Mrs & Mrs, Lighting Monograms P.O.A. 

The_Wedding_Players_Eastington Park_DJew

Scrap Book
Please note all coloured disco pictures can only be booked through this website.

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Coombe Lodge.jpeg
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DJ Darren Jewell - Main Room DJ.jpg

Booking Calendar:

If the date has a dot (phone website), click on it we might not be booked or T.B.C.?

Please always phone us to check: 01934-613644, Mob: 07792123767.

Specialist In Ballrooms/Larger Dance Areas, & Historic Venues.
No matter your venue choice we adapt to it.

Prices Start From: 

Friday/Saturday/Sunday & Bank Holiday Sunday-Monday:
Good Industry Standard Disco: £375.00 (Black & White Disco Pictures).
Our Best Premium Quality Ballroom Show Disco: £440.00 
(Coloured Disco Pictures/This website bookings only).

Monday To Thursday:
Good Industry Standard Disco: £260.00 (Black & White Disco Pictures).
Our Best Premium Quality Ballroom Show Disco: £330.00 (Coloured Disco Pictures/this website bookings only).

eg. Standard Disco & Photo-Pod, ideal for small weddings...
The best thing couples can do is tell us what they like, let us know your venue & booking date,
then have a chat with us on the phone or zoom, Its so simple & hassle free.

Prices are based on1 hour travel to your venue from Weston-Super-Mare, 6pm-7pm disco set-up & Midnight finish. If you want more time we only charge a small amount more.

Telephone: 01934-613644, or 07792123767

We Normally Travel All Over The Map Below
Travel All Over This Map - Dj | Disco | Wedding | dj
Planet Friendly:
We try our workable best to be more environmentally friendly as our van is Euro 6 (not enough range on electric & charging points), Our Rustic services are all made from recycled pallets, & our Photo-Pod Victoria was Ally's nana's grandmother clock.

Fully GDPR compliant:
The information you give us is used by your instruction then destroyed after your booking, unless stated otherwise.

Music & Licensing:

We buy the music we need from iTunes (99p per track), or kindly get sent promo's from record labels/producers club-bookings.

Dj's cannot legally stream music in licensed venues this includes wedding venues, as the Dj & venue could be prosecuted so we cannot legally use eg. Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube, Sound-Cloud etc. Or rip/extract music from streaming platforms/websites/sharing.

This is why for weddings we ask for a 15-25 song playlist so we have the songs you want on your night, as some venues have no WiFi, or Phone signal etc. so we cannot buy music on your night.

All our music is legally bought so its a far better quality sound eg. Apple-Lossless 99p per song, Wav-Lossless,

our minimum standard is MP3 320 (mainly club promo's & standard disco bookings). We spend many thousands £ every year as you are paying for a professional legal company with high quality clear music sound. With our best/ballroom sound-system you can clearly hear the difference between the best lossless sound & an MP3 lower quality sound. Sadly allot Dj's do "rip"/steal music from file-sharing sites & streaming services that is extremely low quality & illegal, as your venue can be fined/loose licence, & the Dj/person playing the music,

because they are all classed as personal use licence, not business/commercial use eg. has a bar selling alcohol you legally cannot stream.

For Non U.K. or music that is not top 40 chart U.K. we might sometimes ask clients to supply the music, as not available in the U.K. to buy, or a different version of the song needed that was released in eg. India/China & not in the U.K.


Our Disco Is A Self Contained Disco/Dj Service:

We Do Not Allow Anything Else To Be Plugged In eg. saxophonists, soloists, bands, phones etc.

If Anything Is Needed To Plug Into Our Disco eg. Sound System, We Charge An Upgrade Fee To Our Best Sound System & Clearly Listed On Your Contract As An Additional Service With The Additional Equipment Listed,

And Always Booked/Paid In Advance, & New Contract Stating This/Equipment Added To The Disco,

As We Need To Buy/Hire Additional Equipment To Stop Non Disco Equipment eg. Saxophonists From Damaging/Breaking Our Equipment, & Cutting Your Night Short.

If logistically we cannot use our best sound-system eg. stairs to your party room/difficult access, we have to use 2 extra pieces of equipment (buy/hire) to overcome this issue, that the disco does not normally have to use as only used when plugging non-disco related equipment in.