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About Est.1999 Dj Sole Trader.

Freelance Dj, Wedding Disco, Celebrations/Party Disco/Christmas Parties.

Corporate/Events Sound-Lighting Show, Dj/Bar-Club. Darren (Dj) & Ally
We Do Class In Looks & Performance At Your Wedding,

Also Our Unique Vintage Photo-Booth/Pod VICTORIA. 

DJ Darren Jewell - Main Room DJ.jpg
1. Rusic Love Outdoor - Dj Darren Jewell.jpg
darren & ally .jpg
Our Best Sound & Lighting Lighting Pictured In The Roman Baths Reception Hall. Bath.
1. best quality.jpg


Our Disco In The Black & White Disco Pictures.

It Is A Good Industry Standard Wedding Disco, as sounds nice & lighting is good for dance floors,

looking neat & tidy. 

All Bookings Not Booked Directly From This Webpage (subcontracted/third-party bookings),

Use/Book Our Disco In The Black & White Pictures, This Is Non-Negotiable.

standard 1.jpg

Our Hybrid High-Definition Sound & Part Of Our High-Definition  Lighting.

 Pictured In The Lovely Coombe Lodge Below (Purple Lights On The Ceiling).

Coombe Lodge.jpeg

Our High-Definition Sound & Lighting Pictured In The Unique Carnglaze Caverns, Cornwall (Weddings/Concerts/Events).


Our High-Definition Sound & Lighting Show

The Coloured Disco Pictures:

Party Animals!!!, Or Want To Be Posh So Want Event-Show Sound Quality & Lighting.

This Can Only Be Booked Directly From This Webpage (No Other Companies). Due To Its Extra Maintenance Costs.

1. best quality.jpg

Pictures Can Look Deceiving?

Total Room Size & Dance Floor Size.

Obviously Below Is A Large Ballroom So Our Best Full High-Definition Sound & Lighting Disco Should Be Booked,

Even if you only have a few guests as people like to dance closer to the tables near others & not on the massive dance area,

So You Need Clear High-Quality Sound In The Seating Area/Back Of Your Room, & If You Have A Bigger Dance Area People Spread Out More So The Sound Needs To Travel Further So A Much Larger Area Than Disco Speakers Are Designed For.

Our Best Sound & Lighting Was Designed For This Size Of Room Or Smaller, As Does This With Classy Ease. Assembly Rooms Bath (Largest Ballroom) Pictured. Also perfect for The Guild Hall, The Roman Baths Pump Room & Reception Hall (large room & dance area with bar at rear). The Picture On The Right Is The Same Disco Equipment Used In The Cavern Below (just with our slightly smaller rustic Dj booth), As You Can See It's A Very Big Dance Floor, & Seating Area as much bigger than most nightclubs today.


Let's Do Class In Looks & Performance At Your Wedding:

Our High-Definition Sound-System Has No Problems With Venue Noise Limiters:

Because Its A Complete Natural/Unprocessed Sound At All Volumes.

Disco Speakers process the sound to give it a big room bass on the dance floor as they boost some bass-frequencies & take others mainly midrange & some low bass frequencies-away "U" eq sound = This is what noise limiters don’t like.

Our Best Lighting Is Designed To Highlight The Beauty Of All You Room & Dance Floor (we use the lager moving head-show lighting), As Should Not Blind Your Guests, & Look Like A Show As Designed For Ballrooms. We Know Some Clients Just Want A Disco, & Others At Peak-Party Want Things To Be More Festival-Clubbing Feel That A Normal Disco Will Struggle To Do, Or Not Do? We Have To Limit How Loud Our Best Sound-System Can Go dB (decibels), Why Its Set At Maximum Of 70% But The Extra 30% Is Available If Needed (

Its About Best Sound & Lighting Quality In All Your Room, Not How Much Bass/How Loud It Will Go.

Top Speakers SRX 815P (HARMAN Professional / liveliest-sounds in its class):

Bass Speakers (NEXO Technology / true sounding bass that goes low):

Dj Darren Jewell has been working in super-clubs & large/event P.A. for decades so bought the same grade of equipment to do exactly the same sound & lighting quality in ballrooms & wedding venues that looks in keeping with your venue, we did not have a budget as just bought what we think is the best for the job, its Darrens personal professional standard. We have to charge a bit more for our best sound & lighting as it costs allot to maintain as its allot of equipment that has got to setup in the same time as our standard disco so the much larger wiring looms cables break causing wireless receivers to blow/we always have sparesspecialist power cables, also the 4 white medium+ size moving head lights need constant maintenance as lots of mechanical parts inside/auto focus (we have a spare).

When couples/clients book our best sound-system we try out best to make sure all there chosen playlist songs are the best quality 24 bit 2822Kbps (lossless),

as our best sound system is so clear you can hear the difference between the best quality & the lower bit rate/mp3 320Kbps we use for our standard Disco sounds "metallic & harsh", as disco speakers process the sound so it’s not a true natural sound.

Our best sound system & lighting show can only be booked directly from this our webpage, due to its much higher maintenance costs.

Over the last 20 years most people listen to low quality music recordings/shrunk to save data/storage size eg. Spotify is low quality 320/192Kbps mp3 & Dj's can't legally use it in a licensed venue/pay-bar, Wav is lossless eg. Your Old CD 16 bit 1411Kbps, but we try to use the best quality 24 bit 2822Kbps what the artist intended it to sound like when people listen to there music, the higher the bitrate & Kbps the more quality/dynamic range, & better at higher volumes.

There is no point having a great sound system & playing low quality recordings on it?


From Your Wedding Breakfast Room, Then Your Party Room.

Our High-Definition Sound & Part Of Our High-Definition Show Lighting Pictured In Thornbury Castle,

With Mood/Uplighing.

This is our "hybrid Sow" its the best bits from our High-Definition sound & lighting for smaller rooms.

best 2.jpg


More Fun Things Available To Hire:

As a Disco/Dj company we price our extras booked with our disco so they won’t break your bank balance.

We want everyone to have more Fun!

1. Classy Giant 4ft White Light Up Love Letters.

Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Fri/Sat/Sun: From £60.00 

Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Mon-Thur: From £50.00 


2. Our Best Value & Unique Grandmother Clock

Vintage Photo-Booth/Pod

Your Photos Stand The Test Of Time

Can Be Booked With Or Without Our Disco!

Photo-Booth/Pod With High Quality 6"x4" (inch) Prints.

Vintage Victoria Grandmother Clock Photo-Pod/Booth, All Generations Enjoy!

Our Photo-Pod Is Open At 6pm,

So Your Guests Have Some Entertainment While We Set Up The Disco (Pod In Different Room),

With Up To 400 6x4 Inch Prints Loaded That's Up To 200 Goes! 

So Should Stay Open Until The Disco Finishes, Or 400 Prints Used (Its Never Run Out Yet).

Vintage Victoria's Ding-Dong Package:

A. Best Value For Money: Self Service.

Perfect for Most Weddings: 

Booked With Our Disco: Fri/Sat: £240.00  Open 6pm-Midnight or 400 prints used.

Booked With Our Disco: Sun-Thur: From £225.00 Open 6pm-Midnight or 400 prints used.

The Photo-Pod comes with a guestbook/pens & pritt stick's, 2 prints per visit (or up to 400 prints used),

New props on sticks & blow up props every booking, you still have as much fun with props on stick compared to our "full ding-dong" posh option, Also Digital copy of the full camera roll Via WeTransfer.

B. Vintage Victoria's "Full Ding-Dong!"

Manned/Operator With Luxury Props (Darren Or Ally), Booked With Or Without Our Disco.

Fri/Sat: From £370.00 Open 6pm-Midnight or 400 prints used.

Sun-Thur: From £290.00 Open 6pm-Midnight or 400 prints used.

The Photo-Pod comes with a guestbook/pens & pritt stick's, 2 prints per visit (or up to 400 prints used),

New props on sticks & blow up props every booking, you still have as much fun with props on stick compared to our "full ding-dong" posh option. Also Digital copy of the full camera roll Via WeTransfer.


3. Garden After Ceremony Music, or ceremony,

And Speech System Battery Powered Speaker. Also Garden Games! P.O.A.

We Prefer Couples To Book Our Garden Games 1 Week Before Your Booking, As You Should Know The Weather Forecast / If its raining guests won't go outside & use them? it does rain all seasons of the year...

If you want some fun entertainment if the weather is not kind, & your venue is multi-room why not book our vintage photo-pod for your afternoon reception before your wedding breakfast, Just ask us for a quote?

Garden Speaker - Darren 1.jpg

4. Mood Uplighting x 10 Battery Powered:

From The Daytime Wedding Breakfast Room into Your Party Room At Night Pictured Below.

Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Fri/Sat/Sun: From £70.00 

Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Mon-Thur: From £50.00 

Pictured Our Best Sound-System & Part Of Our Best Lighting System.

If you book our best sound & lighting we shall reduce the price of uplighting, as work as one.


5. Rustic Dj Booth, Rustic Giant 4ft Light Up Love Letters (IP 65),

Rustic Post Box: 

Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Rustic Love & Dj Booth Fri/Sat/Sun: From £70.00

Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Mon-Thur: Rustic Love & Dj Booth Fri/Sat/Sun: From £60.00

Booked with our disco 6pm-midnight: Rustic Dj Booth £40.00

Note: A Few Venues T&C Mean We Have To Use The "In House Venue Sound System" & Some Also Have Mood-Uplighting Installed.

2. Rustic Love Letters - Dj Darren Jewell.jpg

6. If You Would Like? 

Love, Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr, & Mrs & Mrs, Lighting Monograms P.O.A. Only Available To Book  From This  Webpage.T

Note: Pictured Some Of Our Best Lighting & Best Sound-Sound Orange Picture,

And The Other Picture Part Of Our Best Lighting, & Our Standard Sound Disco System. Please Note: Disco Specification Speakers Stacked This Low The Sound Gets Blocked Blocked By A Few People Dancing, So You Can Only Hear An Annoying  Bass Drone & Screechy Hiss Noise At The Back Of The Room, Hence We Do Not Low Stack Our Disco Specification  Speakers  As Not Fit For Purpose. Our Best/Event Speakers Stacked Low All The Sound Travels To The Back Of The Room Like Normal But Deafens Us Dj'ing.

The_Wedding_Players_Eastington Park_DJew

Specialist In Ballrooms/Larger Dance Areas, Historic Venues, Also Smaller Weddings/Celebrations.

Off-peak deals November-March.

We Also Do Last Minuet Deals So If You Need A Dj/Our Extras In 2 Weeks Time Phone Us For A Last Minuet Deal Price, If We Are Not Already Booked.

Price Guide:

Our prices below are based on 60 minuet travel to your venue & eg. setting up the disco time 6-7pm, disco playing time 7pm-midnight, packing the disco away. If you require more time we might charge a small amount more.

Venue access: If your venue/room has limited access from our van or parking charges/issues we might charge more eg. Bath City Centre, Bristol City Center/Harbourside. Our Best Sound & Lighting Cannot Be Lifted Up Stairs Or Access Over Soft Floor/Gravel etc. Due To Its Weight eg. speakers 55kg+ each & 2 lights in box 50kg+.

Our van is euro 6 diesel so clean air compliant.

We Know Some Venues Don't Require All Our Best Equipment So We Do A Discount Off The Full Listed Price

Price A Peak: Friday/Saturday/Sunday & Bank Holiday Sunday-Monday:

Standard Disco From: £400.00 (Black & White Disco Pictures).



Only Available To Book  From This  Webpage: We have to charge more due to its higher maintenance costs:

Our High-Definition Sound & Lighting Full Show Disco From: £450.00


Price B Off-Peak: Monday To Thursday & Non bank Holiday Sunday's:

Standard Disco From: £300.00 (Black & White Disco Pictures). 


Only Available To Book  From This  WebpageWe have to charge more due to its higher maintenance costs:

Our High-DefinitionSound & Lighting Full Show Disco From: £375.00




Package Deals:

Let's Have More Fun!

1. Direct Webpage Deal:

Small Wedding & Party Package: Perfect For Most Weddings!

Standard Disco (Black & White Disco Picture) & Vintage Photo-Pod/Booth  Unmanned A Package open 6pm-Midnight or 400 Prints Used.

Price A Peak: £525.00 Price B Off-Peak £425.00

2. Direct Webpage Deal:

October-April We Always Do Deals:

Best Deal Is Any "Last Minute" Within 2 Weeks If We Are Available,

So Always Phone Us For A Quote: Disco, Or Photo-Pod Etc. You Could Grab A Real Bargain!

3. Only Available To Book  From This  Webpage: 

Doing Things In Style: Perfect For Ballrooms/Historic Venues & Party Animals!

Our High-Definition Sound & Lighting Full Show Disco, & Mood-Uplighting 

Price A Peak: £440.00 Price B Off-Peak £385.00

4. Direct Webpage Deal:

All Day & Night... Subject To Availability.

Garden Games/Connect 4, Jenga, Quoits, & Battery Speaker: Playing Time Midday-5pm,

Standard Disco (Black & White Disco Picture) Night Entertainment 7pm-Midnight.

Price A Peak: £500.00 Price B Off-Peak £400.00


Make Your Own Package, Just Ask Us What You Would Like, Or Add Bits To The Package You Like? eg. Ask Us How Much More To Add Our Photo-Pod To Offer 3?

We Do Not Ask For Reviews/Testimonials etc.

This Is Because Its Your Wedding The Way You Wanted It Done, hence all weddings we do will look different so not a look of its day all other companies generically did in that year/decade, we want our bookings to stand the test of time eg. Why Our Vintage Photo-Booth/Pod Uses A Timeless 6'x4' Printed Template (no overlays, or the same backdrop everyone uses).

Telephone: 01934
613644, or 07792123767
We Never Forget It's Your Day: You're Music Your Day.
Fully versatile Dj with over 20 years experience.
Most couples always want music to reflect them, & their closet guests, not forgetting everyone else who is invited. 
We ask couples to list about 10-15 songs as "must play music all ages will want to dance to" this gives us an idea what music to play after your first dance, if you are having one? What works best is to play music for all ages first so older generations can celebrate with you, they do tire so then move things to keep your dance floor busy. 
It's been a growing trend in recent years after couples have celebrated/danced with the older generations to lead the music to reflect them & their close guests eg. University or Clubbing/Festival friends who really want to PARTY!
So we do allot of Clubbing Anthems/dance & Black Music (R&B, garage, d&b etc.), New Music or modern remixes of old disco-funk classics, Indi, etc. At this time the older generations are socialising at the bar or resting, as "let the younger ones have fun"
Near the end of your night get the 
older generation & everyone back on the dance floor to celebrate again together with you!
No one gets left out as everyone has had a dance with you. If you do want to go more clubbing/festival always book our best sound & lighting show, as most wedding disco equipment are Not festival-club sound quality & volume when our best is.
No Matter Your Music Choice On Your Day We Adapt To It.​​

Our High-Definition Sound & Part Of Our Best Lighting Pictured In Wellingto Barn, Calne.

Useful Information:  Direct Webpage Booking Process.

We Are Always Fully Transparent & Below Is The Only Way Couples/Clients Can Book Us Directly:

Note: If you have not booked Dj Darren Jewell from this webpage you have booked a different company.

1. Please Always Look At This Our Website.

2. Phone Us For A Chat Discussing How You Want Things Done?

3. We Then Contact Your Venue Making Sure Everything Is Good With Them If We Have Not Worked There Before, for this our own this company, or as another entertainment/agency companies freelance-subcontractor.

4. We Send You An Accurate Quote.

5. When You Accept The Quote Then We Ask For A Booking Fee To Hold Your Date, 

Then Email You Our Own Direct Adobe-Sign Contract Shorty After (how you want things done). All Direct Webpage Bookings State Our Home Address BS23 Weston-Super-Mare, Even Though We Work From Our Unit In Weston-Super-Mare.

Two Signatories: Darren Jewell & You/The Client Signs. For Non-Bespoke Or "Last Minute" Bookings We Do Not Send Any Contract.

6. After The Contract Is Signed By You/The Client & Dj Darren Jewell (we both sign/not listed-behalf of),

You're 100% Booked with & what you have booked from this our direct booking webpage.

Some clients can want the same booking date other clients are being quoted on, In this case the client that has signed the contract & paid the booking-holding date fee gets booked.

Planet Friendly:
We try our workable best to be more environmentally friendly as our van is Euro 6 (not enough range on electric & charging points), All Our Rustic services are all made from recycled pallets/Rustic Love Letters, Rustic Dj Booth, Rustic Post Box,
Our Photo-Pod Victoria was Ally's nana's grandmother clock that has been repurposed full of new technology (it cost more to convert than buying a new photo-pod), our White Love Letters were bought from a Love letter hire company that was closing to look after a sick relative, but we have fully restored them so they look stunning.

Fully GDPR compliant:
The information you give us is used by your instruction then destroyed after your booking, unless stated otherwise.

Music & Licensing:

We buy the music we need from iTunes (99p per track), or kindly get sent promo's from record labels/producers club-bookings.

Dj's cannot legally stream music in licensed venues this includes wedding venues, as the Dj & venue could be prosecuted so we cannot legally use eg. Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube, Sound-Cloud etc. Or rip/extract music from streaming platforms/websites/sharing.

This is why for weddings we ask for a 15-25 song playlist so we have the songs you want on your night, as some venues have no WiFi, or Phone signal etc. so we cannot buy music on your night.

All our music is legally bought so its a far better quality sound eg. Apple-Lossless 99p per song, Wav-Lossless,

our minimum standard is MP3 320 (mainly club promo's & standard disco bookings). We spend many thousands £ every year as you are paying for a professional legal company with high quality clear music sound. With our best/ballroom sound-system you can clearly hear the difference between the best lossless sound & an MP3 lower quality sound. Sadly allot Dj's do "rip"/steal music from file-sharing sites & streaming services that is extremely low quality & illegal, as your venue can be fined/loose licence, & the Dj/person playing the music,

because they are all classed as personal use licence, not business/commercial use eg. has a bar selling alcohol you legally cannot stream.

For Non U.K. or music that is not top 40 chart U.K. we might sometimes ask clients to supply the music, as not available in the U.K. to buy, or a different version of the song needed that was released in eg. India/China & not in the U.K.


Our Disco Is A Self Contained Disco/Dj Service:

We Do Not Allow Anything Else To Be Plugged In eg. saxophonists, soloists, bands, phones, or others to Dj use our equipment etc.

If Anything Is Needed To Plug Into Our Disco eg. Sound System, We Charge An Upgrade Fee To Our Best Sound System & Clearly Listed On Your Contract As An Additional Service With The Additional Equipment Listed,

And Always Booked/Paid In Advance, & New Contract Stating This/Equipment Added To The Disco,

As We Need To Buy/Hire Additional Equipment To Stop Non Disco Equipment eg. Saxophonists From Damaging/Breaking Our Equipment, & Cutting Your Night Short.

If logistically we cannot use our best sound-system eg. stairs to your party room/difficult access, we have to use 2 extra pieces of equipment (buy/hire) to overcome this issue, that the disco does not normally have to use as only used when plugging non-disco related equipment in.

It is a growing trend that some bands/soloists do not have sound/lighting equipment to save them money on buying a decent system & maintaining it, so tell clients they will plug into the disco speakers? Clearly they are not professional but blaggers that are rife in the wedding industry today. We will not plug them in on your day as they will not pay for any damage, even if they say they will.

What Happens If Something Goes Wrong: Back-Up

We have 2 complete separate disco rigs, each rig has a spare disco light we take to every booking even our best that's £1k+ per light including the flight-case. We have the most back-up disco equipment than any other Dj/disco we know that gets taken to our direct/this website bookings eg. spare MacBooks, controller/mixer, leads, lights, headphones/mic, hardware boxes,

2 breakdown companies, this list is endless that's hidden from view. Our aim is if any equipment does fail during your booking you would not know, as seamless backup eg. we had a mixer/controller fail a few years ago, & seamlessly switched to our spare (Pennard House). If on your booking day we become ill/van accident we use exactly the same back-up in general as all agencies & photographers do, that is a carefully selected group of Dj's on "emergency WhatsApp/Facebook" group as there is always a Dj spare to cover. Agencies charge Dj's another booking/handling fee to find cover & the Dj/disco needing cover will pay the cover Dj/disco more money than they were originally paid, so that's why professional Dj's have there own friends/team (usually the same as agencies would use). Bookings done through agencies the Dj/disco is a subcontractor & gets paid far less than booking the Dj/disco directly (agencies don't work for nothing), most agency Dj's will not invest in a good level of back up as its far cheaper for the subcontractor to give a partial refund listed in the agents T&C contract than buy spare equipment & store it, as they receive far less money per gig (minus agent commission & other fees), so can't afford back-ups to our level.

Tel: 01934-613644, Mob: 07792123767.

We Normally Travel All Over The Map Below, & Further.

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